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Bolle Tactical – Stealth & Style in Unfriendly Situations

Tactical Eyewear by Bolle: Protecting the Protectors

Bolle Tactical is one of the main branches of Bolle Safety. Under this name, the brand is building its arsenal of tactical eyewear and it is indeed a spectacle of quality, performance, and finesse.

Bolle eyewear is targeted to serve the security forces and agencies by equipping their on-ground soldiers, fighters, and assets with the best protection for their eyes and vision in hostile situations and unfriendly settings.

In a world full of uncertainty, nations are taking necessary security measures to fight the enemy with force, smartness, and tactical preparation.

Bolle tactical eyewear is one of the many product lines where brands are passionate to build the security forces the best possible eyeglasses, sunglasses, and goggles.

Bolle is ready for the challenge and already making products that security agencies around the world are buying, such as the Bolle Tactical SWAT ballistic sunglasses.

This product is just one example of how Bolle is building some of the best tactical eyewear in the industry. Another such example would be the Bolle Tactical X800, which soon became one of the most popular designs in the tactical eyewear market.

The difference between the design of Bolle Tactical SWAT ballistic sunglasses and Bolle Tactical X800 is that the X800 is built as goggles. While the SWAT sunglasses are more suitable if you expect to frequently toggle between keeping them on and off, the X800 goggles provide better fit and reliability in high-risk settings when you are in combat for longer periods and your hands are not free. The strap keeps the goggles in place for hours without making you feel uncomfortable.

Get Your Pair of Bolle Tactical SWAT Ballistic Sunglasses

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This allows us to promise our customer the best in product quality and specifications. We proudly keep the complete range of Bolle products in our online store so we can serve those who are serving day and night to keep us safe in our homes.

Our user-friendly website will help you browse our inventory using preset filters that allow let you focus on the exact product specs you are looking for. Make your favourite combination of lenses and frames and we will deliver your custom-built tactical eyeglasses to you.

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