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Best Prescription Sunglasses for Running


Performance for all Terrains

A lot of runners never really realize the importance of prescription running glasses because they find it cumbersome. This is due to the fact that many prefer contacts due to its minimalism and that they have the hat off their faces.

Sports Performance and Protection

Many runners don’t realize that contact lenses are necessarily not the best solution for running. When a speck of dust gets in the eye, you are going to have one hell of a run for it! Running sunglasses will help prevent the sun from coming between you and the finish line. Whether you are a professional Kenyan runner or a casual neighborhood runner, running glasses are essential for you.

Improve Your Balance With Prescription Sunglasses For Running


Scratch Resistant Lens

The best sunglasses for running should never fall from your face, but you need to be ready for any eventuality. The lenses could be scratched if you take them off to wipe your face and accidentally drop them.
Scratch-resistant coatings can help to make the lenses last much longer before they need to be replaced, but it is worth knowing that it won’t make the lenses indestructible, so you will still need to take care when you take your glasses off and put them in your locker before hitting the showers.
Whenever you are running into the woods or just up the mountain hill, you’re bound to meet obstacles on your way. Most of the time they are things you cannot avoid. It may be some leaves, wind blowing dust, or basically anything that can scratch the running glasses.
Occasionally, if you haven’t picked the right glass to wear, they tend to fall off your face and get damaged because of instant impact. To avoid damage to your prescription running glasses, one needs quality glasses that are scratch resistant and more long lasting.

Impact Absorbing Frames

Runners need prescription running glasses with a durable frame. Metallic frames usually have great durability, and you can get sleek new designs from the many companies that supply prescription running sunglasses. The frames may be constructed of solid metal – usually stainless steel or titanium, with rubber tabs over the earpieces for extended comfort and grip.
The best running glasses women have include composite frames that are designed to be flexible. For instance if they accidentally fall off your face while running, they will simply bounce on the floor or the treadmill, and absorb the impact without breaking. These are mainly frames with Polycarbonate elements in them and the advantage of these frames is that they will bend back to their original shapes, something that standard metal frames cannot promise if they do get bent.
That said, any good glasses that are designed for running should never fall from your face in the first place thanks to their design and snug fit. These days, many frames designed for sport tend to be made from tough plastic or acetate.

Frames That Allow Good Ventilation

Ventilation is another key factor in the design of these running glasses, holes in the lenses and temples increases airflow and prevents fogging. The best prescription running sunglasses also allow excellent ventilation to help them stay cool from all the sweating involved in running.

The perfect prescription running sunglasses for all

Prescription Running sunglasses are now as important as having sunscreen when heading to the beach. There are too many risks involved not to.

What to Look for In Running Sunglasses Frames

When you’re looking for the best running sunglasses frame, one thing you need to do is make sure they are lightweight, offers comfort and it offers good grip to stay in place. The more your glass has grip and detention to your face, the less likely it will fall off. For proper prescription running sunglasses, you need to check if it has rubber in the right places. For example, a rubberized nose-bridge and rubberized temples will really help. A matte finish on the frame looks more stylish and can stick more to the face than a shiny one.


Good prescription running sunglasses should have more coverage around your eye area to provide more protection from the side, top and under. Most of those glasses are designed to look sporty and aggressive but with the right brand, many varieties you can choose from will be availed to you. You can get outstanding glasses that provide good coverage, are lightweight and will still make you look like you didn’t come from a marathon. They can also be suitable for everyday use.


When it comes to lenses, people usually go for the best looking color. But in real sense, lenses are meant for protection and not styling. Dark colored lenses are harmful compared to light ones. For contrast, rose colored lenses are good. Umber and light colored lenses for night rides, and under heavy canopy, clear or yellow will be the best for protection.