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Branded Wiley X Harley-Davidson Product Lines

Our Range of Wiley X Harley Davidson Eyeglasses

Wiley X Harley Davidson is a leading name in protective eyewear built for customers of all lifestyles. One such type is the motorcycle rider, and Harley-Davidson is recognized around the world as a symbol of performance riding.

When the two brands joined hands in 2012 to build a licensed brand of Harley-Davidson motorcycle sunglasses, bikers around the world celebrated this venture with record presale orders.

Nowadays, Wiley X Harley Davidson eyewear is the brand of choice of true riders around the globe. The success of these new product lines for Wiley X is mostly due to the Harley-Davidson customers who are always looking for high-quality equipment for their next tour.

At, we have the full range of these Harley-Davidson sunglasses in our stock:

  • CLIMATE CONTROL SERIES: This series of Wiley X Harley-Davidson eyeglasses is a tribute to the signature product line that Wiley X has been making for years. Packed with the ideal features for the outdoor user, the new Harley-Davidson sunglasses series has been further optimized for the riding aficionado.
  • ASPHALT SERIES:The Asphalt series is another product line that makes the Wiley X Harley-Davidson collaboration a huge success. Loaded with performance features, such as ANSI level strength tests of frames and lenses, the Asphalt Harley-Davidson sunglasses come with the usual promise of incredible value on the dollar Wiley X customers have come to expect.
  • RALLY SERIES:The Wiley X Harley-Davidson partnership has brought the old-school performance riding goggles back in style with the Rally series. While there are other Harley-Davidson motorcycle sunglasses available in this product line, its best selling items are the traditional goggles.

Get the Best Harley-Davidson Sunglasses

At, we are licensed to sell these magnificent product lines coming to the world from this Wiley X Harley-Davidson friendship. Since we are also a Wiley X authorized dealer, buying from us gets you the dual benefit of (a) getting the authentic Harley-Davidson glasses, and (b) you can order your prescription lenses directly through a Wiley X dealer.

Wiley X is building all these Wiley X Harley-Davidson eyeglasses. With their expertise in prescription sunglasses, we can get your order for the best men’s motorcycle prescription sunglasses and have it done without any extended period of time.

The Wiley X Harley-Davidson collaboration is an exciting venture for us as well. As their licensed product dealers, we have been introduced to the hardcore riders around the world as well. We now have frequent customers who want to buy Wiley X Harley-Davidson eyeglasses using our user-friendly website and excellent customer support.

Get your Wiley X Harley-Davidson sunglasses on our store today.

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