When you’re skiing down your favorite slope or catching the waves at your favorite surfing beach, you need high-quality sunglasses that don’t fall off. Before your next excursion, choose a pair of Dragon sunglasses for polarized protection. With extra protection from the sun and a variety of styles, you’re sure to find the right pair for you. Read on to discover the top 10 Dragon styles for outdoor fun near and on the water.

1. Dragon DR Ventura Ion Sunglasses

Dragon DR Ventura Ion Sunglasses

These frames are thick, giving them greater stability against huge waves or harsh winds. The polarized lenses are tinted red, giving your glasses a pop of color, and the black frames make them suitable for any outfit. Depending on your vision needs, you can order them with prescription or non-prescription lenses.

2. Dragon DR The Jam Ll Mi Ion Sunglasses

Dragon DR The Jam Ll Mi Ion Sunglasses

If you love the retro look of square lenses but you want the modern protection of Dragon Alliance sunglasses, The Jam is the pair for you. A small cutout just above your nose adds interest to the frames without impairing your glasses’ durability.

3. Dragon DR Renew Ll Sunglasses

Dragon DR Renew Ll Sunglasses

These glasses boast frames that are straight at the top but slightly curved at the bottom, giving a modern look. The thin arms are just as stable as thicker varieties, and the black-tinted lenses give you privacy and extra sun protection.

4. Dragon DR Monarch Ll Ion Sunglasses

Dragon DR Monarch Ll Ion Sunglasses

These rectangular frames hold polycarbonate lenses that are perfect for protecting your eyes as you fish, hike, or play golf. Their gender-neutral design and black color make them ideal for formal outdoor gatherings as well.

5. Dragon DR Freed Ll Polar Sunglasses

Dragon DR Freed Ll Polar Sunglasses

When you need protection from the wind or rain as well as the sun, these Dragon Alliance polarized sunglasses are your best bet. The recessed lenses are less prone to scratching than ones that are on the same level as your frames, making them longer-lasting. The arm tips and nose pads are covered in rubber to keep them exactly where you put them, but these features don’t add any weight to your frames.

6. Dragon DR Vantage Ll Sunglasses

Dragon DR Vantage Ll Sunglasses

For days when you’re active on the water, these glasses are essential to keeping water and debris out of your eyes. The lenses are covered in a special coating that makes them resistant to streaks even if they come in contact with dust or water. The large frame size gives you maximum protection from the sun’s harsh reflection, and it fits with a variety of face shapes.


7. Dragon DR Ventura Xl SunglassesDragon DR Ventura Xl Sunglasses

These lightweight rectangle frames are perfect for men and women, and the large frames give your eyes full protection. The polycarbonate lenses boast coatings that prevent fog, scratches, dust accumulation, and unwanted reflections. Add some personality to your frames by choosing your favorite color:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Tortoise
  • Green



8. Dragon DR Tidal X Ll Polar Sunglasses

Dragon DR Tidal X Ll Polar Sunglasses

These glasses are designed for the days when you’re surfing, kayaking, or water skiing from dawn until dusk. The nose pads have rubber coverings so that the bridge of your nose doesn’t get irritated and so that the glasses don’t slip down. They’re available with black, gray, white, blue, and green frames, and they boast rectangular lenses. For high-quality eye protection that doesn’t look bulky, choose these Dragon sunglasses.


9. Dragon DR Shore X Ll Polar Sunglasses

Dragon DR Shore X Ll Polar Sunglasses

When you’re spending the day on the water but you’re not doing as much heavy-duty wave-riding, these glasses are the right choice. The frames are made of light plastic and they float, making it easy to find your glasses if you drop them. Available in black, gray, white or blue, these glasses are ideal for wading, fishing, and biking down the beach.

10. Dragon DR Sesh Ll H2O Non-Polar Sunglasses

One of the newest styles from Dragon, these glasses feature softer curves and a modern silhouette for stylish outdoor days. Perfect for men or women, these rectangular glasses are made with floatable plastic and work with all face shapes. The black frames feature hooked arms for greater stability on your ears.

Dragon DR Sesh Ll H2O Non-Polar Sunglasses

Choosing the Right Pair of Dragon Sunglasses

With so many different sunglasses from Dragon Alliance, it’s hard to choose the right pair. When you’re considering several different styles, keep in mind what you’re going to do with the glasses. If you’re just walking on the beach or taking a stroll in the woods, a lightweight pair without extra nose or ear stability is fine. If you’re going boating or surfing, you want the extra sun protection and attachment of a thicker pair.

Think about your personal sense of style, too. Do you prefer boxy or round frames? Is choosing a light color important to you, or do you like black sunglasses? How thick do you want the lenses and arms to be?

Finally, consider what protections you need. Most Dragon lenses have coatings that prevent dust, scratches, and fog. You may also need floatable sunglasses if you’re worried about a wave snatching your glasses off your face. If you’re not going to be too close to the water, a non-polarized pair is probably fine, but if you’re spending all day on the water, you need the extra UV ray protection.

Dragon Alliance


What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have a special filter that blocks out all horizontal light, leaving you with only UV waves from vertical sources. If you’re relaxing by a lake or chatting with a friend next to your car, the light that reflects off these sources doesn’t make it through your polarized lenses to your eyes.

How Do You Choose Prescription or Non-Prescription Lenses?

Most Dragon glasses come with the choice of prescription or non-prescription lenses so that you don’t have to wear multiple pairs of glasses on the water. If you have a prescription from your eye doctor, you can enter the specifications for each eye as you check out. If you do not have any vision problems, non-prescription lenses are better for you.

How Do You Keep Sunglasses Safe?

Once you’ve got a good pair of sunglasses, you don’t want them to get scratched or lost. Dragon frames have an anti-scratch coating, but you should still always keep them in their case when they’re not on your face. Keep track of the case when you’re around the water so that it doesn’t fall into the ocean as you surf.

How Do You Clean Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have the same maintenance rules as regular sunglasses and prescription glasses. Never use your shirt to get rid of a smudge, since that can scratch even scratch-resistant lenses. It’s also not an effective cleaning method. Instead, use disposable glasses wipes or glasses cleaner and a soft cloth to keep your lenses clear.

When Should You Wear Polarized Sunglasses?

Anytime you’re outside and your eyes are exposed to UV rays from the sun, you should wear polarized sunglasses. They’re especially important when you’re in an area with lots of reflected sunlight, such as when you’re driving on the highway or relaxing on a beach. Although polarized sunglasses offer lots of protection, you should never stare at the sun or an eclipse with them on.

When you’re looking for a good pair of polarized sunglasses for your active lifestyle, check out the Dragon Alliance collection at Safety Gear Pro.