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Water Safety

Water Safety – A search and rescue mission requires you to have access to proper water safety equipment. If you are part of a search and rescue team, you know the importance of wearing a high quality cold water suit. If you jump into the water with a suit that does not uphold in the cold, icy water, you are putting yourself at risk as well as the entire mission.

We can provide your team with a wide variety of water safety products. We only carry ice and water rescue suits from reputable companies. You can trust us to provide you with only the best cold water suit, rescue vest, and other water protectors.

We Make You Feel Safe, You Make Others Feel Safe

The last thing you want is to worry about freezing in the water or losing yourself in the tide. When you are wearing a durable cold water suit and holding a flotation device such as a rescue vest, rescue bag, and ring buoy, the thought of freezing or drowning will not cross your mind. With your water safety equipment in tow and your water suit on, you are prepared to save a life.

We Have Supplied Several Water Protectors and Water Suits Already

If you are looking for a top quality ice suit, we can direct you to several. One of our ice suits comes with a buddy line, head pillow, and lifting harness. Our ice and water suits offer protection from hypothermia.

The ice and water suits also come with their storage bag so you can easily carry it with you. They are also stretchable and flame-retardant. You will not struggle to get into a water and ice suit either. You can easily put on and take off the suit.

Apart from water suits, we offer other water safety products as well that you might be interested in if you own a ship or operate a cruise. You can store a rescue vest in your boat or ship. We offer an extensive collection of vests such as automatic vests, inflatable vests, to versatile vests.

While you are at it, why don’t you equip your boat with a ring buoy or a rescue bag? It is better to be prepared than sorry, as accidents can happen. We also encourage people who give tours on their boat to locals and tourists to invest in water safety products. Browse through our collection to find a water safety product you need.