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Changeable Frames

Wiley X are prepared for any situation, from outdoor sports to dusty interiors, these specs have what you need to keep your eyes safe. Durability is a key feature of all these specialty glasses. If the lenses get a little scuffed, or if you want a different lens in your frames, Wiley X changeable semi rimless frames are designed to take new lenses in a snap.

Sunglasses vs Car

Wiley X are some of the most durable on the market. These glasses pass the test of being run over by a truck with barely a scratch. They don’t shatter in pressure and are able to pass many other quality control tests. Ensure the safety of your eyes with Wiley X.

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Best Wiley X Sunglasses Product Range

At Safety Gear Pro, collaboration with Wiley X Sunglasses we are always ahead of the game. We make sure our customers get the best and largest collection of products for their favorite brands. Our variety gives us a strong sense of pride because it means more customers will be able to get the exact product and specifications they came to us for.

Our complete collection allows you to buy any product out of their branded series. Additionally, you will also find our authentic Wiley X size chart below for your convenience:

  • New Arrivals: You can get the very best Wiley X eyewear as we update our inventory of the brand’s newest arrivals with improved quality and performance.
  • Men’s: Our collection Wiley X men’s eyewear is second to none. You have a lot of options among the four product lines within this series, such as the popular Wiley X Peak from the brand’s Active Lifestyle Series.
  • Women’s: The same four product lines are part of the women’s collection as well, but the designs have been tweaked to suit women better.
  • Polarized: This brand of lenses is available for Wiley X in all their product lines except the tactical category. These lenses are the best in giving you optical clarity and safety with 8 layers of technology.
  • Mirrors: For our stock of Wiley X sunglasses for sale, a lot of customers prefer mirrors for lenses. A mirror coating reflects more light away from the eyes than the ordinary tinted lenses.
  • LA™ Light Adjusting: This special category of lenses in Wiley X eyewear auto-adjust the tint on the lenses based on the levels of surrounding UV light. In other words, you can use the same pair of glasses for both day and night time without even worrying about the clarity of vision.

Specialized Wiley X Sunglasses Size Chart

Now you can order your favorite and the best Wiley X eyewear without worrying they might not fit. The size chart given below is a standard-issue from Wiley X only available with their authorized dealers.

The chart allows you to pick your Wiley X for sale in our store with the confidence that they will be delivered to fit your size. You will need to measure your head accurately to be able to use this scale when you order with SafetyGearPro.com.

Get your next part of Wiley X from our full-fledged collection of the brand’s products today.

Wiley X Technology Infographic