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Check out three popular styles from the Wiley X worksite collection, the Wiley X Profile, Wiley X Epic and Wiley X Contour. All of these frames are rated for safety applications and can also be worn as regular glasses. See unique safety features such as removable side shields and wrapping temples in action.

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Get a better look at the Wiley X Saber, Wiley X Gravity and Wiley X Titan, three of the best-selling Wiley X prescription safety glasses. Saber shield frames come with four interchangeable filters. Gravity frames have built-in foam padding. Titan frames are suitable for a wide range of prescription diopters and have ANSI Z87 and ballistic safety ratings.

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Our Range of Wiley X ANSI Certified Glasses

Wiley X prescription safety glasses come with a lot of specialized features. These product features show you the lengths to which the brand is committed to delivering you more than just glasses to put on your eyes.

One such feature is the ANSI standard Wiley X uses for its lenses and frames. The standard is established to give you higher protection for your eyes from small debris, fast moving objects, and particles.

Wiley X’s ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses come with comprehensive protection. This standard of Wiley X ANSI certified glasses is maintained on top of the mandatory US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standard.

Wiley X prescription safety glasses that come with ANSI protection go through a series of tests before they are delivered to an authorized dealer.

  • ANSI High Velocity Impact Test: Lenses and frames of all ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses are tested to withstand the impact of a speed ball with diameter of 0.25mm fired directly at them at a speed of 150 feet/sec.
  • VO Ballistic Test: Frames and lenses are tested to withstand the direct impact of multiple projectiles of 0.15 to 0.22 calibre fired at the speed of 550 to 660 feet/sec.
  • EN-166 Test for European Markets: Wiley X ANSI certified glasses are expected to sell in Europe after an EN-166 standard. In this test, the glasses are tested to withstand impact of a steel ball with 0.22mm diameter fired directly at the frame and lenses at 5.1 metre/sec.

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These high standards used for Wiley Rx safety glasses speak volumes about Wiley X’s research, technology, and product quality. When it comes to protective eyewear, you simply cannot go higher than Wiley X.

Regardless of how tough your routine is how wild your outdoor adventures get, you can rely on your pair of Wiley X prescription safety glasses. They will give you the perfect vision and distortion-free clarity.

For these reasons, and many others, it is crucial that you only get your Wiley X Rx safety glasses from an authorized Wiley X dealer. As one such licensed dealer of the brand, you can trust [Insert your brand] to deliver the authentic Wiley X products and accessories to your doorstep.

You will discover we offer the full range of Wiley X product features at competitive prices and amazing value for your money. We also offer the full range of their ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses in our online store.

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