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Wiley X Ballistic Sunglasses


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Wiley X Standard Safety Features


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Ballistic Protection - Product Feature
Product Feature - UV Protection

Wiley X Eyewear Collection


Wiley X: Absolute Premium Protection


Wiley X Survival Test: Firecracker

With shatterproof lenses and frames that can even withstand the explosive power of firecrackers and come away intact, Wiley X ballistic sunglasses have what it takes to keep your eyes safe from whatever comes their way. From target shooting to military use, this resilient eyewear is designed and tested to resist impact from projectiles.

Wiley X Survival Test: Machete

When it comes to finding a pair of ballistic sunglasses, minimal protection is simply not an option. With potential exposure to flying objects and explosives, you need a product that is sure to withstand extremely harsh conditions- even impact from a slashing machete. With a pair Wiley X sunglasses, you can focus on the task at hand with full assurance your eyes are covered.

Wiley X Technology



Having complete clarity is a must when looking for quality eyewear, which is why Wiley X glasses use Filter 8™ polarized lenses that create 100% polarization and provide 100% UV protection. This technology helps reduce glare, especially off wet surfaces, and prevents eye fatigue by effectively filtering light.

ANSI High Velocity Impact

True to ANSI High Velocity Impact standards, both the frames and lenses of Wiley X safety glasses have been tested to withstand the impact of a .25 inch diameter steel ball fired at a speed of 150 feet per second. You won’t need to worry about these glasses breaking anytime soon.

Prescription Sunglasses

If you need prescription eyewear while you’re on the job or performing the activities you love, you’re in luck. You can get prescription Wiley X ballistic sunglasses that provide you with exceptional protection and clear vision wherever you go.

Wiley X Ballistic Sunglasses Crafted for Superior Protection and Performance

Manufacturers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers often depend on protective eyewear to keep their eyes safe while on the job, and hunters, frequent gun users, and anyone else in contact with flying debris can avoid an eye injury by investing in the right eyewear. In fact, an estimated 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented by wearing safety glasses. Whether you need safety glasses for work or play, Wiley X ballistic safety glasses are a step above the competition. With advanced technology and proven protective abilities, it’s no wonder customers often choose Wiley as their preferred brand for protective ballistic eyewear.

Unbeatable Protection

All Wiley X glasses are put to the test before hitting the market and being sold to consumers. When buying ballistic glasses, you can feel safe knowing they have met standards for the ANSI High-Velocity Impact Test, the VO Ballistics Test, The ANSI High Mass Impact Test, and the EN 166 test. When Wiley X claims that their lens and frames are shatterproof, they aren’t kidding. From being attached to explosives to withstanding the impact of a machete’s swing, these glasses are practically indestructible.


Superior Clarity

In addition to offering superior protection, Wiley X sunglasses meet ANSI optical requirements. With Smart Edge Lens technology, Filter 8™ polarization, and LA light adjusting technology, these glasses allow for incredibly accurate vision and clarity for the moments you need it most.

Convenient To Buy

You can easily purchase Wiley X ballistic sunglasses online with Safety Gear Pro. Even if you need to order high-quality prescription glasses, we make the process of entering your prescription as easy as possible. With the Wiley Rx Rim System, you can purchase eye protection for prescriptions up to +5.00 and -7.00.

Wiley X Ballistic Sunglasses

Our Range of Wiley X Ballistic Safety Glasses

Wiley X is indeed a leading eyewear brand and they are leading the charge in the Wiley X ballistic sunglasses category. The quality of their products has proven to be ahead of their competition in every market segment they serve.

One wonders how they manage to manufacture such a wide variety of designs for multiple market segments. All of these designs and models are loved by Wiley X customers and envied by the rest.

The key to this consistent quality and manufacturing is, in fact, their research in creating the best protective eyewear possible.

Wiley X ballistic sunglasses make a great example of this commitment to quality of product and ironclad protection for your eyes.

Whether you discuss prescription ballistic safety eyewear or non-Rx glasses, you need not go beyond Wiley X products. They make it all.

Test of Durability and Strength

The Wiley X ballistic sunglasses, both frame and lenses, go through tough durability tests before they are sent to Wiley X authorized dealers for sale.

There are three basic tests that Wiley X’s ballistic safety glasses are put under for durability and strength testing.

  • Wiley X prescription ballistic safety eyewear is tested with the ANSI High-Velocity Impact Test. In the test, the frame and lenses face the impact of 0.25mm steel balls fired at speeds of around 150 ft/sec. This test lets Wiley X see if their lenses in every frame they make can withstand high-velocity impacts from flying objects to keep their customers’ eye-safe.
  • Wiley X ballistic sunglasses go through the VO Ballistics Test. During the test, frames and lenses of sunglasses and goggles are made to withstand the impact of 0.15 and 0.22 caliber projectiles fired at speeds of 640 and 660 ft/sec. respectively.
  • Wiley X’s prescription safety eyewear being transported to their dealers in Europe is then given another test – the EN 166. The test fires a steel ball of 0.22 mm diameter at the speed of 5.1 m/sec.
  • Wiley X ballistic safety glasses also withstand the ANSI High Mass Impact Test, which includes a pointed projectile weighing 1.1lb being dropped directly on to the lenses and frame from a height of 50 inches.

Buy Best Quality Prescription Ballistic Safety Eyewear

Apart from buying your Wiley X ballistic sunglasses from our user-friendly online store, you can request to get your ballistic sunglasses polarized.

This performance feature adds to the quality of your vision by giving you 100% protection against UV light. Getting polarized ballistic sunglasses enables you to stay outdoors in the bright sun with perfect vision and clarity.

Get the best ballistic safety glasses, like the range of Wiley X Z87 safety goggles, from our secure online store today

Wiley X Ballistic Sunglasses FAQs

Which Wiley X Sunglasses Are Ballistic?

Wiley X is a brand trusted by the military for the top-quality products it products. All of the eyewear produced by this brand are ballistic. Wiley X ballistic sunglasses are tested to be durable and made to withstand sudden impacts and other dangers that come from high-risk environments.

What Helps You Tell If Sunglasses Are Ballistic?

The easiest way to tell if sunglasses are ballistic is by looking to see if it has received an ANSI rating. Wiley X z87 sunglasses have been given this rating because the eyewear has gone through the rigorous testing standards of the American National Standards Institute and are deemed a quality product.

Are Sunglasses Made by Wiley X Bulletproof?

Creating entirely bulletproof glasses is somewhat impossible. Still, Wiley X ballistic sunglasses feature lenses that are shatterproof. In fact, the brand states that the material used to construct the eyewear is 10x more resistant to impacts than glass. This makes them an excellent fit in environments where you need to protect your face and eyes.

What Makes a Pair of Glasses Ballistic?

In order for glasses to be considered ballistic, they must meet specific standards. Typically, this will come down to the materials used for constructing both the lenses and the frames. Additionally, various tests will be run by safety institutions to ensure overall quality and performance in a ballistic capacity.

Can Ballistic Sunglasses Be Polarized?

Yes, polarized safety glasses are quite common. Polarization helps to reduce the glare caused by light bouncing off of reflective surfaces. Wiley X ballistic sunglasses with polarized lenses can broaden your field of vision and make it easier to discern objects from a distance on a sunny day.