Wiley X Climate Control Sunglasses for Extreme Environments

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Wiley X Climate Control Sunglasses are used when going up to a mountain, it is essential you invest in a pair of high-quality hiking prescription glasses. Seasoned climbers and hikers understand the risks amateurs do not, and they use this knowledge to protect their eyes from the elements in the harsh wilderness.

  • On the trail, your eyes are at risk of coming across fast moving objects or creatures, like flies or tree branches.
  • You are also putting your eyes at risk if your eyewear does not protect them from dust and debris.

Wiley X Climate Control sunglasses are built for the modern hiker, making their eyes safe from all kinds of unwanted accidents. Hunters and hikers, who spend a lot of time in the wild, have to particularly ensure the safety of their eyes, which are constantly at risk in the wild.

With the Wiley X polarized prescription sunglasses, you can make sure that your sight is perfect and your vision is clear. The Wiley X polarized prescription sunglasses lenses are built with special focus on clarity so that you may see clearly without a problem even in low light.

In fact, to deal with the issue of constantly changing light around you, Wiley X transition sunglasses are built with light adjusting technology. These lenses allow you to experience the ideal amount of UV light in during the brightest hours of the day as well as in the twilight.

Wiley X Climate Control sunglasses also come with accessories that match their eyewear in terms of innovation, design, performance, and benefit. The patented removable Facial Cavity Seal, for example, can be easily attached on the inside of your Wiley X polarized prescription sunglasses.

With this accessory, your eyes will be completely safe from minute particles, small debris, dust, rain, wind, and peripheral light.

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With such technology in hiking prescription eyewear, Wiley X is winning the game. It would not be amiss to call Wiley X the leader in sports eyewear and their products the best hiking sunglasses of 2018.

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