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Oakley MSK3 Review

Dive into the details of the Oakley MSK3, a reusable everyday mask designed to optimize filtration with a special focus on comfort while wearing glasses. This stylish and structured mask features a silicone gasket for a close, anti-slip fit and specialized ventilation to prevent your glasses from fogging.

How to Wear Glasses While Wearing a Safety Mask

Prevent your glasses from fogging while wearing protective gear with these quick tips. Wearing a mask is imperative for optimal respiratory safety, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or create problems when you wear your glasses. A properly fitted mask prevents your breath from venting toward your lenses. Clean your lenses with warm soap and water to help distribute humidity evenly across the lens surface.

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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection – Safety Gear Pro offers superior quality respiratory protection gear to keep you and your workers safe from inhaling chemicals, vapors, particles and gases that are dangerous for their health. Our premium products are all you need to reduce the risks of inhaling hazardous chemicals and gases and keep your workers safe and sound.

  • Premium quality products
  • Reduces the inhalation hazards
  • Ideal of chemical industries

Say Goodbye to Inhalation Hazards

Not having proper respiratory protection for workers in dangerous worksites can lead to major health issues. In serious cases, inhaling too much of chemical compounds in the form of vapors or gases can lead to death. Such workplaces that are prone to these kinds of hazards need to have respirators and respirator masks to keep workers safe.

We Care About Your Safety Needs

Our respiratory protection gear allows your workers to keep them safe in case of any leakages of gases, chemicals or vapors. They are needed to ensure that toxic chemicals and vapors are not inhaled by any of your workers that might lead to serious issues later on. With our n95 respirators and other protective respiratory gear, your workers will be safe even in cases of accidents.

Superior Quality Respiratory Protection Gear

At Safety Gear Pro, we do not settle for anything less than superior quality products. We have a wide range of respiratory protection equipments you can choose from in accordance with your particular needs. The products we offer include but are not limited to n95 respirator, welding respirator, 3m mask, p100 respirator etc. Whatever your safety need may be, we have you covered.

Easy to Use and Durable

To make sure you don’t have to think twice before using our respirators, they are easy to use which makes them ideal to be used in case of emergencies. You can literally save lives with these n95 respirators in case of emergencies. They are a must have in any chemical industry.

The Name of Trust

Safety Gear Pro only offers products that have been tried and tested before. If you are looking for the best respiratory protection equipment, contact us and we will address all your needs. We offer safety gear that will keep your workers safe even in cases of serious accidents. Remember, you cannot take chances with low quality respiratory protection equipment. Invest in quality safety products from Safety Gear Pro as we are committed to keeping you and your workers safe.