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Best Prescription Hunting Sunglasses


Premium Protection for Shooting

A keen eye is the primary weapon of a hunter, and wherever you are, whatever you are hunting, having the right prescription hunting glasses makes a difference. From the environment itself, with dust and other wind-blown debris, through to exposure to foreign objects when you fire, eye protection is an essential part of your hunting kit.

Military Ballistic Standards

Whether hunting in the dim light of dawn or dusk, or when needing protection from the brightest sun during the day, duck hunting sunglasses improve clarity and contrast giving you better depth perception and all-day comfort. The best hunting glasses help you see better and protect your eyes from the worst that nature has to offer.

Improve Your Accuracy With Prescription Hunting Sunglasses


ANSI Rated Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lenses

Of course, with all sorts of potential danger for your eyes, including hot brass from the gun itself, hunting glasses need to be up to the job of protecting your eyes. ANSI rated lenses meet specific safety standards, giving you peace of mind that your prescription hunting glasses are up to the job.

Glasses that meet the standard are capable of withstanding high velocity impacts without shattering, and for obvious reasons this is essential for effective protection of the eyes. Polycarbonate has other advantages too for prescription hunting glasses, it is crystal clear, giving you the accurate vision that you need on the hunt.

Contour Fit Sunglasses With Wide Side Shields

Out in the field conditions can vary dramatically, and that means your eyes can be exposed to danger from all angles, not just the front. Hunting sunglasses that are contoured to the face, wrapping around the eyes with side shields provide the ultimate protection from any situation and ensure your safety at all times.

In addition, side protection also gives improved vision from all angles, and whether you use camo hunting glasses or any other style, that means improved spotting and general vision, which is always an advantage in the field.

UV protection – UVA, UVB and UVC Sunglasses

Out on a hunt you are exposed to the elements, and when looking for a hunting glasses prescription, ensuring they offer UV protection can be extremely beneficial. All UV rays can damage the eyes, but in particular UVA and UVB are particular problems for hunters, as they can be responsible for eyestrain, sunburn and other adverse reactions, especially in relation to some prescription drugs you may be taking.

The other thing about powerful UV protection from your hunting glasses, is that it also gives you a uniform brightness, while also adding contrast and clarity, which together can enhance your vision and improve your shooting performance.

The right prescription hunting glasses for you

When thinking about your prescription hunting glasses, you want to get it right. A comfortable, high performance pair that offer great protection can really make your hunting trip better, but an ill-fitting, poorly performing pair of hunting sunglasses can be so annoying it ruins your day. So, what should you look out for when choosing your new pair?

Best Lens Color for Hunting Glasses

No, its not just for looks, the color of the lenses in your hunting glasses can have an impact on your shooting, and the choice you make here will depend on the kind of hunting you do. Brown or amber lenses improve contrast and depth perception on hazy days, so they are great prescription hunting glasses for those kinds of conditions, often found at dawn and dusk.

Yellow glasses are perfect for night hunting, giving more contrast and reducing glare, while purple lenses are ideal if you often shoot against cluttered backgrounds such as tall grass or trees, where they improve contrast.

Best Material for Hunting Sunglasses

Lightweight and strong, that is what you need from the best hunting glasses, and for the lenses that means polycarbonate, the best option to meet both clarity of vision and safety requirements, such as impact resistance and providing shatterproof protection.

Frames should always feature wide temple bars for added protection from stray metal during discharge, and polycarbonate is popular here too, the combination of light weight and strength a winning combination. Some prescription hunting glasses have frames made from aluminum or even titanium, again balancing light weight and high strength for protection.

Order your pair of prescription hunting sunglasses today and enjoy our lowest ever prices, you will feel the difference on your next shoot. With clearer vision and increased comfort, these prescription hunting glasses are perfect for your needs. Your eyes deserve the best, so order yours today