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Welding and FR Safety

Welding and FR Safety – Welders need to take measures to protect themselves from welding fumes, flashes and flashbacks, and sparks. Wearing safety equipment such as gloves, helmet, and clothes that offers partial protection due to the low quality puts them at risk of developing the following illnesses and diseases:

  • Lung cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Occupational asthma
  • Metal fume fever
  • Irritation of lungs and throat
  • Temporary decreased lung function

For complete protection, from head to toe, you need to visit us — Safety Gear Pro. We have established a working relationship with several notable and credible manufacturers that share our vision of putting the safety of workers first. One of our most popular manufactures is Jackson Safety.

If you are concerned about your clothes catching fire due to sparks, extreme heat, open flames, flammable materials, explosive materials, and combustible materials, check out the Jackson welding gear.

Our Expansive Collection of Welding Gear

We bring you the latest and most advanced welding gear from renowned companies. The Jackson welding helmet offers welders a durable and lightweight design with a shade that lifts up from the front. The dark tinted lift will offer your eyes maximum protection. From the same company, you can order Jackson welding hoods and other welding and FR safety products.

When It Comes to You, Be Proactive

We aim to spread awareness to independent welders and construction companies about taking their health and their workers health seriously. By using mediocre and low quality welding equipment, you are doing nothing to protect yourself. You are only inching your way closer to developing a certain disease.

You may feel the side effects of your profession, but you will later. In fact, this is one of the reasons why most people understate the importance of their clothing and gear. We are here to change all of that!

We want welders and anyone whose work requires them to handle heavy machines or work with flammable material to take their safety and health seriously by wearing flame-retardant jackets and coveralls, Jackson welding hoods, Jackson welding helmets, and more.

If you are in construction, you need to take measures to ensure the safety of your workers. Convey to your workers the importance of wearing superior quality welding equipment and clothes to protect themselves from work-related accidents and keep diseases and illness that can result from this line work at bay.