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Best High Performance Sports Sunglasses


Oakley Mercenary

Hit the streets or conquer the golf course with the latest high-performance sports sunglasses. Find out how industry-leading designs, like the Oakley Mercenary sunglasses, provide uncompromising performance and style. When you’re on top of your game, don’t let glare get you down. Power through your obstacles with fashionable styles and cutting-edge durability.

Julbo Venturi sunglasses

For a name that’s synonymous with high-performance trail running glasses, check out Julbo. The innovative Julbo Venturi sunglasses use photochromic, hydrophobic and anti-fog lenses to keep your eyes on the prize and your feet on the trail. When things take a turn for the worst, these durable frames stay together. A complete venting system prevent fog and allows you to take full advantage of any cool breeze you encounter as you blaze new trails.

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Safety Gear Pro’s high performance sports sunglasses offer a unique combination of style and substance. Whether you’re a competitive professional athlete or a casual sports lover, our range of sports glasses is for you. Not only do they offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation, they also offer a crisper and sharper image. This is particularly crucial for athletes looking for that much needed advantage in competitive situations. We offer eagle eye sunglasses which enhance certain harmless wavelengths and eliminate the harmful radiation to provide a more vivid vision of your surroundings. Our products can serve as running sunglasses for runners, cycling sunglasses for cyclists, and military sunglasses for the brave souls out there. They often premium protection from the dirt and grit and enhance vision to help you perform the best out of your competitors. Their lightweight and flexible frame makes them unobtrusive. Being extremely affordable and highly durable, our high performance sports sunglasses are exactly what you are looking for.