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The right fabric makes all the difference when it comes to protective clothing. To invest in gear that will provide you with many years of total protection, give yourself time to review what materials the gear is made of and guarantee the best possible quality.

Cooling Safety Gear

When you’re wearing protective gear, the last thing you want is to feel overheated or uncomfortable. PPE safety gear made out of appropriate cooling materials can help to keep you nice and cool while ensuring your overall safety on the job.

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Protective Clothing

Safety Gear Pro offers protection gear from head to toe. Our protective clothing keeps you and your workers safe at the worksite by reducing the risk of exposure to hazards. A part of the personal protective equipment, our protective suits are ideal for different work settings ensuring your works remain safe even in cases of accidents.

  • Made from premium quality products
  • Different clothing option for different industries
  • Offer protection from fire, cut hazards, chemicals, electric hazards, dry particles, asbestos and aerosol hazards, etc

Must-Have in the Chemical Industry

If you work in the chemical industry, hazmat suits must be worn at all times. These protective suits will keep you safe from chemical hazards, most of which go unnoticed. These suits are necessary for protection against chemical hazards, chemical vapors, liquids and small particles that can cause serious damage to the workers’ health and body if not properly covered. At Safety Gear Pro, there are a number of hazmat suits that you can choose from to protect yourself from radiation and chemical hazards.

Keep Your Workers Safe and Sound

It is your responsibility to keep your workers safe from accidents in the workplace. While these accidents might be out of your control, what you can control is the extent of damage they do to people working for you. Our protective suits and clothing such as the hazmat suit can save you and your workers from lead, fire and splashes of metals. They will also keep them safe from biological hazards and contamination.

Your Safety – Our Products

While it may be your responsibility to keep your workers safe, we at Safety Gear Pro are here to help you by providing the right safety gear. Whether you need a lab coat or a tyvek suit, we have it all. You also do not have to worry about the wear and tear of these protective suits as they are made of high-quality material and using state of the art technology. We offer a wide range of safety workwear including but not limited to disposable protective clothing, turnout gear, safety gloves, lab coats flame and heat resistant clothing, tyvek suits, high visibility clothing, and chemical protective clothing, etc.

Keep your workers safe on-site each day with our premium quality protective clothing.  We aim to address all your safety needs and have safety gear to keep you secured from head to toe.