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Head and Face Protection – Offering Safety Helmets for Your Protection Working in an industrial environment can be a dangerous job especially when you do not have protection against unexpected accidents. Safety Gear Pro cares about you and that is why we offer safety helmets and safety face shields to have you covered in case of an emergency or accident. With our MSA hard hats and welding helmets, you will be able to work much more effectively knowing you are safe from accidents.

Reduce Work Related Injuries with our Safety Helmets and Safety Face Shields

To reduce the risk of Head and Face Protection work related injuries in your workers, our MSA hard hats and 3m face shields are the ideal solution. Made with high quality and tough materials, your workers are bound to remain safe even in cases of serious accidents. Our head and face protection collection is ideal for construction, transportation, forestry and agriculture industry. Being a part of these industries, you need to make sure you are providing your workers with the right safety equipment to keep them safe from accidents.

Choose from a Wide Range of Safety Equipments

At Safety Gear Pro, your protection is our first priority. To cater to the safety needs of various industries, we offer Head and Face Protection welding helmets, MSA hard hats, hard hat visors, protective hats and caps, face protection, safety face shields, headbands etc. All these equipments are made using state of the art technology and high quality material.

Your Protection is Our Responsibility

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 100 deaths each year owing to the lack of necessary safety equipment at workplace. Most of these deaths occur because the worker was not wearing a safety helmet or a face protection gear. The nature of work in construction industries is dangerous and accidents can occur. While you cannot control these unexpected risks, you can and you should precautions to reduce the impact. Remember, spending in head and face protection equipment for your workers is not a cost but an investment.

Do Not Settle for Low Quality Products

It is the matter of someone’s life and you cannot take chances with it. Do not in any case settle for low quality safety gear. Your investment today will make the future of your workers safe.

Invest in head and face protection gears from Safety Gear Pro today and make your workers safe from accidents.