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Falls continue to be one of the most significant causes of injury in construction and other similar industries. Furthermore, fall injuries can often be life-ending or life-altering. Proper fall safety measures are essential both legally and ethically. The first step toward effective fall protection is understanding the safety devices available and how to properly use them.

Roof Safety and You

Proper roof safety requires the use of a variety of tools. The starting point is typically attaching an anchor to the roof rafters. This can be used to secure harnesses worn by the workers. While working, your harness should be snug but not so tight that it restricts movement. It can then be connected to the anchor with a rope and safety lanyard.

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Fall Protection

Fall Protection – You may meet with an unexpected accident at work, mainly due to falling from a height. Even a fall from the top of a ladder can send you to the hospital. You can decrease the risk of falling by opting for a safety harness.

We have a wide variety of full body harness available for to you look at. Fall safe systems will ensure you do not hit the ground in the event you do fall. The best part is that our systems are lightweight and portable. You can easily assemble and carry the fall protection harness anywhere you go.

The Top Five Occupations with the Highest Fall Rates

According to the Center for Construction, most falls are a result of workers falling from the roof. The five occupations that result in deaths from falls are power-line installers, roofers, ironworkers, sheet metal workers, and laborers. The five occupations that result in injuries from falls are ironworkers, sheet metal workers, roofers, heat and air conditioner mechanics, and carpenters.

All of this can be prevented if they invest in solutions that catch their fall such as a self retractable lifeline. The retractable lifeline harness will allow you to move around freely without worrying about falling down on the ground. Even if you miss a step and fall, you will not hit the ground, thus drastically decreasing the chances of sustaining an injury.

If You Fall, We Will Catch You

We offer companies a wide variety of safety harness options. It is important for companies to promote a safe working culture and we can assist them develop one by supplying with quality fall protection harness solutions from a reputable manufacturers.

One of our best sellers includes the safety harness lanyard. Our safety harness lanyard is popular because of its durability, functionality, and success rate in preventing falls. If you are searching for a high quality safety harness, look no further than Safety Gear Pro.

We encourage homeowners who prefer to perform odd jobs such as painting and repairing the roof themselves to invest in a full body harness. No matter how careful you are; accidents can always occur. Why not minimize their chances by investing in a solution that can save your life?

We want to help you make your work or hobby safe so you can keep doing it for years. Look through our selection of top quality fall protection options to select one most suitable for you.