Shooting sports are designed to help enthusiasts improve their overall skills. However, it’s important to wear prescription shooting glasses when you are hunting or practicing at the local range. According to industry experts, hunting accidents can occur at any time due to errant birdshots or ricochets. Similarly, excessive powder can blow back – when your firearm is discharged – and severely burn the eyes.

With this in mind, wearing shooting glasses is the only way to protect your eyes against mishaps and other hazards. Eyewear protects the eyes when cartridges are ejected from your rifles or firearms. They also ensure your eyesight remains intact when inclement weather conditions are approaching.

man with gun and shooting glasses

Why Shooting Safety Glasses must be worn

Prescription shooting glasses also protect the eyes from other hazards. This includes falling debris, leaves, and twigs when hunting/practicing in heavily-wooded areas. You should wear shooting glasses when cleaning your firearms as well. This protects the eyes from cleaning solvents, gusty winds, and other issues that can arise out of nowhere.

Here are some more essentials of shooting eyewear to keep in mind:

  • The right pair of shooting glasses offer great contrast when target shooting.
  • These glasses help shooters improve accuracy when practicing at local ranges.
  • These spectacles can even be worn over contacts or reading glasses (if desired). This depends on your current visual health as well as overall comfort and performance.
  • Most hunters prefer wearing shooting glasses only since they offer better vision and protection. It also avoids the need of wearing different glasses under your shooting spectacles which can be uncomfortable.

The Benefits of Shooting Eyewear

Protective eyewear offers impact resistance and shatter-proof benefits. However, only leading brands should be considered when looking for shooting safety glasses. Poorly designed or weak prescription sunglasses can easily damage and cause injuries to the eyes and body.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the governing body for products that are manufactured across America. This includes safety eyewear, which must meet stringent guidelines and requirements before going to market. For example: generic shooting safety glasses may not be as impact-resistant as better known brands. The ANSI even mandates a ‘drop-ball’ test which sees a ball dropped onto the lenses of safety glasses from far distances. If the lenses withstand the impact, they are safe enough to be used for shooting protection. However, if the lenses crack or break, they cannot be used as safety glasses.

What about UV protection?

Shooting glasses have polycarbonate lenses for great UVA and UVB protection. They are also shatterproof and help you maintain good vision when hunting or practicing in the field. If you love target practice or simply being out in the woods, you need the right eyewear to keep you safe and sound.

man practice shooting with glasses