Wiley X Active Lifestyle Sunglasses Range

Our Highest Selling Sport Prescription Glasses

Wiley X has always been the chosen partner of serious sportsmen. In fact, the dedicated product line of Wiley X Active Lifestyle sunglasses is the brand’s tribute to their customers who like to live life on the edge.

When it comes to sport prescription sunglasses, our customers have repeatedly shown they trust Wiley X. The Wiley X Active Lifestyle sunglasses are our top selling range of eyewear products at [Insert your brand].

  • The designs in this product line are full of style as much as they are packed with performance features.
  • They are a perfect blend of aesthetics and toughness, letting you have the time of your life in the extreme environments you like to play in.
  • They are super-resilient and protect your eyes from the elements, debris, and unwanted light regardless of where you are.

Among all the sport sunglasses brands available in the market, Wiley X is winning more and more customers every day with its remarkable range of sport prescription sunglasses.

Wiley X Active Lifestyle sunglasses are built to give complete protection to their customers’ eyes in the harshest of environments. Whether you are mountain-biking near the Grand Canyon or snowboarding in the Alps, your Wiley X sport prescription sunglasses will give you the best vision and protection.

Get the Best Men’s Sports Sunglasses

At Safety Gear Pro, we keep only the best of men’s sports sunglasses in stock. Along with other sport sunglasses brands, we know we will always need Wiley X because that is the brand people most talk about these days.

As authorized dealers of Wiley X, we always provide our customers with authentic items, including eyewear of their choice and branded accessories. Many customers who buy from the long range of designs in Wiley X Active Lifestyle series also get one the brand’s patented Facial Cavity Seals.

These seals can be applied to the inner lining of the frame. Made of comfortable and resilient material, the Wiley X FCS provides unlimited protection to your eyes. It keeps small flying objects, dust particles, wind and rain out of the eyes.

The seal keeps peripheral light completely out of your vision so you can clearly see what lies ahead without the disadvantage of unwanted light coming in from the sides.

So, whenever we are asked which brand of men’s sports sunglasses are the best, we always tell people it has to be Wiley X. Their sport prescription sunglasses are the toughest and their sport polarized sunglasses the meanest.

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