Wiley X Industrial Rx Safety Glasses

Our Range of Wiley X Prescription Safety Goggles

If you work in industrial settings, you ought to get yourselves a pair of Wiley X industrial Rx safety glasses. Putting on a pair of Wiley X glasses comes with the guarantee of complete protection for your eyes – no matter what your purpose or settings are.

When it comes to work safety glasses, Wiley X again beats its competition. Their commitment to quality of products is second only to their passion for research.

All of this allows Wiley X to deliver value for their customer’s money like no other brand can.

With their research for innovative eyewear that makes excellent industrial safety goggles and sunglasses, Wiley X is delivering satisfaction to their customers packed in their case of glasses.

  • The Wiley X Active Lifestyle Series contains numerous unique designs that are made closer to the taste of the factory worker.
  • All pairs of Wiley X industrial Rx safety glasses are rigorously tested for durability and strength in Wiley X labs before they are sent to their authorized dealers’ stores.
  • Wiley X prescription safety goggles comes with their patented top and bottom ventilation system that keeps the glasses from fogging.
  • Wiley X accessories are just as useful. For example, if you use your Wiley X safety goggles with one of the brand’s Facial Cavity™ Seals, you can forget any sweat dripping down your brow and stain blur your vision.

Buy Prescription Safety Glasses Online

You can buy prescription safety glasses online on our store. As an authorized dealer of the brand, we have the full range of Wiley X industrial Rx safety glasses.

We also have their range of prescription safety goggles if you prefer your eyewear tightly set in place for long periods. These goggles save you the trouble of having to repeatedly set your work safety glasses back in place.

SafetyGearPro.com is keen on keeping our inventory equipped with all eyeglasses from Wiley X brand.

In its prescription goggles options and Wiley X industrial Rx safety glasses product lines, the brand maintains high safety standards for customers with a tough working environment.

Using our user-friendly online store, you can browse through our stock of prescription safety goggles conveniently. You can filter specific features that you want for your glasses and place your order directly using our secure payment systems.

Since we are an authorized Wiley X dealer, all products and accessories you find on our website will be authentic, branded products.

Get your OSHA approved prescription safety glasses today.

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