When it comes to the latest in glasses and sunglasses technology, Wiley X offers cutting-edge features that are designed for your lifestyle. From stylish sunglasses to rugged and convenient prescription safety glasses, check out the benefits of Wiley sunglasses and find out how you can save by shopping at Safety Gear Pro.

High-Impact Protection

ANSI tested lenses and frames ensure your Wiley X glasses can withstand extreme conditions and keep you safe and comfortable. These safety glasses and sunglasses are tested with a 1.1-pound projectile dropped from a height of 50 inches. Both the lenses and the frames are capable of standing up to this impact, so you can be confident your new sunglasses will last for years to come.

After the mass impact test, your new favorite sunglasses undergo a high-velocity impact test. A steel ball with a diameter of .25 inches is fired at 150 fps. Your glasses will protect you from sudden shrapnel or other flying objects you may experience on the court, on the trail or throughout your typical day.

Sunglasses should protect you from far more than just UV rays. With patented Facial Cavity technology, Wiley sunglasses block wind, peripheral light, and debris from your eyes to offer you competitive, all-day comfort.

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Innovative Lens Technology

Choose Wiley X for clarity, UV protection, and light-adjusting convenience. Your new sunglasses and prescription glasses offer lenses that won’t distort images, bend light or mask your field of view. Meeting the strictest ANSI requirements puts Wiley X sunglasses at the forefront of lens technology.

Prevent harmful and irritating glare off the water, court or sidewalk by choosing high-quality polarized lenses. Wiley sunglasses offer up to eight layers of lens to offer cutting-edge polarization, anti-reflective technology, and durable, scratch-resistant performance.

Finally, you won’t have to choose between sunglasses and clear lenses again. Wiley patented adjusting lens transition based on the UV light. From completely clear to a deep gray, these lenses automatically adjust as your lifestyle dictates.

Prescription Performance

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Gone are the days when you needed to purchase extra-large, bulky sunglasses to fit over your prescription glasses. Put aside your ordinary frames and enjoy prescription sunglasses today. The latest sunglasses and safety glasses restore your vision while protecting your eyes. Turn to a premier provider of precision prescriptions that are included in your favorite frames and protective lenses.

Even extreme prescriptions are suitable for Wiley frames. With innovative expanded frames, you can enjoy any prescription glasses between +5.00 and -7.00. Each of these prescriptions can safely fit in your expanded frames while still offering a sleek, stylish look.

Shop for Your Favorites Today

With quality prescriptions, durable lenses and rugged frame designs, Wiley sunglasses are a premium option for everyday wear or sports performance. Don’t settle for anything but the best when searching for a new prescription pair or a rugged sunglasses option.

Compare the best Wiley X eyewear today to discover how you can outperform the competition or improve your stylish, daily look. Shop for your favorites today at Safety Gear Pro to select the best frames, lenses, and prescriptions for your unique lifestyle.

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The Benefits of the Latest Wiley X Technology FAQs

What Technology Makes Wiley X Good?

Wiley X safety glasses feature impact-resistant constructions capable of withstanding both heavy weights and high-velocity projectiles. Additionally, they include advanced lenses that don’t distort light or obstruct your field of vision. If you choose the Wiley X sunglasses, the lenses will also protect your eyes from harsh sunlight.

How Does Wiley X Impact Test Their Glasses?

To test the impact resistance of their glasses, Wiley X drops a 1.1-pound weight from a height of 50 inches onto the glasses. The frames and lenses can withstand this impact. Additionally, they launch a .25-inch-diameter steel ball at a speed of 150 feet-per-second at the lenses.

How does Wiley X protect your eyes?

Wiley X sunglasses and safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from impacts, sunlight and fine particles. With ANSI-rated materials, they can take on heavy and high-velocity impacts. The tinting and UV protection ensure your eyes are safe from UV radiation. They also have a facial cavity seal to keep out dust.

How Are Wiley X Glasses Built for Sports?

Wiley X safety glasses feature excellent shapes that help them stay on your face during intense activity. They are also impact-, UV- and dust-resistant. In other words, they will help you see better and protect your eyes during sports.

How Does Wiley X Improve Visual Clarity?

Wiley X glasses are built to meet or exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard for clarity. They offer a clear image of whatever you are looking at and minimal light diffusion. Additionally, they protect your eyes from bright sun and dust, ensuring consistent, comfortable eyesight.