The Benefits of Wearing Cycling Glasses

man on a mountain bike wearing cycling glasses

Whether recreational riders or full-time athletes, cyclists need sunglasses to prevent glare and long-term damage from sunlight exposure. However, all sunglasses are not created equal. Sports prescription glasses have features that are tailored to the needs of an athlete that regular fashion sunglasses simply do not offer. Read on to find out how cycling-specific models are different and the benefits of wearing cycling sunglasses.

man cycling with cycling glasses

Hazard Protection

While riding on a busy urban street or on a deserted forest trail, cyclists may be exposed to many kinds of hazards. Eye hazards can include dust, dirt, precipitation, rocks or other debris that can fly off the back of traveling vehicles or other riders. Cycling glasses are designed to protect a cyclist’s eyes from these dangers. Cycling lenses are typically designed to be thicker than regular sunglasses and can be made with materials that withstand potential impacts.

The Right Fit

Many sports glasses are designed in a wraparound style to allow for the best peripheral visibility. Visibility is critical for a rider’s safety, particularly while on the road. Side coverage also helps protect eyes from UV rays as well as any dirt or debris that may come from the sides. Cycling frames can also provide a comfortable fit that will not become loose or fall off the way that oversized fashion sunglasses might. In addition, sports prescription glasses offer sleek designs that should not interfere with the fit of a helmet.

Top Questions on Cycling Glasses

Why do cyclists wear glasses?

Cyclists wear glasses for many reasons, including sun protection and protection from road hazards. Road hazards can include dust, rocks, dirt and other irritants that a rider may be exposed to. Some riders require prescription glasses and wear cycling-specific glasses with prescription lenses to increase comfort and confidence during their rides.

What color lens is best for cycling?

Gray is often recommended as an all-purpose lens to block sunlight without being too dark. However, it is best to assess your own needs and select the color that is best suited to your specific situation. Check out the specs on glasses before purchasing to ensure it will meet your requirements.

How should cycling glasses fit?

Glasses should be the correct size and shape in order to feel comfortably secure, without feeling too tight or too loose. They should not interfere with the correct placement of your helmet and you should be able to see clearly ahead as well as to both sides.

Prescription Cycling Sunglasses


Sun Protection

Sun protection is another key factor in the selection of sports-specific glasses. It is important to protect the eyes from UV radiation regardless of which outdoor activity an athlete chooses. While standard fashion sunglasses may provide UV protection, prescription sunglasses combine sun protection with impact resistance and the right fit in order to enhance comfort and foster performance.

Sleek Style

Sports glasses come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to ensure that a rider not only gets the right fit, but that his or her style is matched as well. Whether bold colors or a simple look is preferred, an athlete can find the hazard protection, sun protection, fit and style that is needed to keep him or her safe and comfortable while riding.

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men cycling wearing cycling glasses