3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Prescription Sunglasses

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to living a healthy, productive life. The proper prescription sunglasses are a big part of keeping your mind ready for sleep when it should be. Typical prescription sunglasses last about 2-3 years before you’re ready for new ones. Let’s go through some of the reasons why you need new prescription sunglasses to boost your vision and fashion!


It’s common for sunglasses to incur damage over time. Cheap prescription sunglasses that designed without durability in mind have a tendency to degrade even after just a few weeks or months of use. To get the most out of your prescription sunglasses, make the move toward a higher quality model that will sustain comfort, durability, and style (because who doesn’t like to be stylish?) for years to come.


Have you ever noticed that there’s not exactly anything wrong with your prescription sunglasses, but they’re just not as “fresh” as they used to be? Maybe the sharpness of the lenses has started to fade, or the frames feel uncomfortable. That’s probably due to a combination of factors. You may have kept them beyond their expiration date, and they’re not made from materials designed to withstand the tests of time. It’s time to upgrade to prescription sunglasses that are not only brand new but are made from premium materials designed to stay new.


Believe it or not, the technology in prescription sunglasses constantly improves and evolves. Some companies sit back and rely on outdated technologies to propel them forward. But not us! We’re always looking bring our customers the most forward-thinking sunglasses technology allows. Our comfort system and our dedication to keeping you at the perfect temperature are just a few of the reasons why our prescription sunglasses are truly the leaders of the pack.

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