Why investing in an ice commander rescue suit is crucial for your safety

Protection at work is essential for the safety of the workers. Investing in Proper Personal Protection Equipment or PPE such as rescue suit is extremely important for people who have dangerous professions such as coal miners or lifeguards. Water based jobs are especially considered a potential hazard and this is why this article is based on finding the appropriate cold-water rescue suit.

This is why you need a rescue suit at work

There are a number of problems that a profession involving water can pose for you. For example, there are contaminated waters and cold waters. You need to find appropriate protection gear in each case.

In case you have to deal with contaminated water at work, a cold-water suit might not be what you need. Floods, bio-hazards, run offs because of heavy rains, petroleum products coming from submerged vehicles, and creosote from piling can turn the clear water into a hazardous situation. This is where the expertise of technicians is required. Yet, many of them fail to understand the importance of performing such dangerous tasks with the proper attire.

Warm-water safety:

Workers may think that wearing a dry suit in warm water will overheat them. However, this is crucial for the preservation of their well being. They can take proper precautions to prevent the overheating but only a dry suit will keep them safe from the waterborne diseases that they might catch from the contaminated water. This is why they must wear a proper dry suit to keep them safe.

Cold-water safety:

Next culprit in the list of workplace villains is cold-water, which can turn into a potential health-hazard if proper precautions are not taken. The work dealing with cold water requires cold-water suits in order to keep the workers from meeting any accident. Efficient and appropriate protection against cold water is crucial for the health of a worker. If not done properly, it can cause a lot of diseases and healthcare issues.

Also, sufficient attention should be given to the attire of a lifeguard. Many people believe that a lifeguard’s duty is to sit and watch over people all day. This is not necessarily the case. There are times when they are required to make a lunge for the deep waters and if they are not dressed for the occasion, a lot of complications can come their way. This is why investing in a high quality rescue vest would be a sensible decision.

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