10 Facts About 3M Safety Glasses

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3M is one of the leading makers of occupational eye protection. Several 3M safety glasses styles meet American National Standards Institute requirements for basic or high-impact eye protection. Here are 10 facts to know about 3M safety eyewear.

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1. Most Styles Meet ANSI Z87.1 Standards

Many 3M glasses and goggles meet basic impact safety standards. Selected styles may satisfy high-impact requirements or protect eyes from other hazardous materials.

2. 3M Safety Glasses Are Unisex

3M does not design safety eyewear particularly for male or female wearers. Glasses are sold in unisex small, medium and large sizes.

3. 3M Also Makes Safety Goggles 

In addition to spectacles, 3M also makes goggles with a head strap. Goggle lens shapes may make it more difficult to fit eyewear with prescription lenses.

4. Some Styles Have Side Shields 

Side shields provide extended lateral protection from side impact. Some glasses have removable shields, while styles with integrated shields may have thicker sides and temples.

5. 3M Makes More Personal Protective Equipment 

The PPE made by 3M extends far beyond eye protection. 3M also makes respirators, hearing protection and welding helmets.

6. Certain 3M Frames Fit Under Face Shields

Some styles of 3M safety goggles can be worn with other pieces of PPE such as face shields. Check to see the compatibility of the gear you plan to pair with goggles.

7. 3M Also Makes Protection for Prescription Glasses

In addition to spectacles and goggles designed to be worn alone, 3M also makes safety spectacles that are large enough to wear over other glasses. This combination may not be suitable for applications that involve certain eye hazards.

8. You Can Get 3M Safety Reading Glasses

The 3M BX Readers Safety Eyewear are ANSI Z87.1 high impact-rated reading glasses. The lenses in this eyewear are available in step diopters.

9. Some 3M Styles are Sold As Pentax

Some styles of eyewear are sold under both the 3M and Pentax brand names. Both brands are owned by the Hoya Corporation.

10. The Hoya Corporation Makes 3M Safety Eyewear

Hoya makes 3M and Pentax safety eyewear. This international company meets the highest safety standards such as ANSI Z87.1 basic and high impact and the European EN 166 eye safety standard.

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How do I order 3M prescription safety glasses?

Browse or search a selection of the best 3M safety eyewear. When you find a style you like, check the safety rating, size and frame color choices. Some styles are compatible with prescription lenses. If you wear prescription safety eyewear, frames and lenses must meet the same impact protection standards.

Are 3M glasses prescription-ready?

Many safety frames can be customized with single vision or multifocal prescription lenses. Check to see whether your favorite style of frames can accommodate the corrective lenses you need. Some styles specify a limited range of compatible prescription strengths or powers, while other styles indicate support for high Rx lenses.

How much eye protection do I need?

Occupational and sports eye safety standards set forth requirements for eye protection. Check the standards most relevant to the activity during which you intend to wear safety eyewear. Some of the leading eye safety standards include ANSI Z87.1 basic or high impact resistance and ASTM International standards for sports.

Should I wear safety glasses or goggles?

The main difference between glasses and goggles is that the latter provide a closer fit and have a head strap for secure wear. If you engage in high-intensity activity and need protection from hazards such as dust, gas or liquid in addition to impact, goggles could be the better choice.

Can I wear 3M glasses over other eyewear?

Depending on eye safety hazards, layering eyewear could pose eye safety risks. If there is no significant risk of exposure to particles, gases, liquids or other substances that could become trapped in eyes, it may be possible to wear a larger pair of protective glasses that fit over prescription eyewear. 3M is a trusted brand of PPE, including safety eyewear. Most 3M safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1 basic impact resistance standard. Some goggles and glasses can protect eyes from other hazards, such as fine dust, gases or liquids. Select frames that fit your face to ensure 3M eyewear provides the maximum level of protection.