A Complete Buying Guide for Work Boots

Work Boots

Work boots that are uncomfortable or slip around can lower your performance and pose a greater risk of workplace injuries. Therefore, it is important to buy work boots that feel good on your feet and also, keep you safe. Whether you’re a janitor or a construction worker, foot protection is essential to perform job related tasks efficiently and safely.

Here’s a complete buying guide for work boots. Take a look to learn about the factors that you should consider when purchasing boots for your workplace:

It is vital to make sure that you have the right boots for the job. Therefore, select safety toes according to your working needs and environment. In general, there are 3 types of safety toes available—aluminum, composite and steel.

Though all three are ASTM rated for foot protection, they are designed for different working environments. Steel-toes are best for construction sites as they can help workers avoid serious injuries to feet and toes. Aluminum-toes are ideal for workers who want lightweight yet protective footwear. Composite-toes are non-metallic and best for environments that need to stay metal free.

When working outdoors, moisture may collect inside your shoes which can be unpleasant. To avoid this, consider buying boots that are waterproof so that your feet stay dry. Waterproof boots mostly feature surface treatment of PVC or rubber which helps keep water out and prevent it from entering the boots.

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Slippery surfaces can be dangerous as they can put you at risk of falls and slips. To avoid such injuries, select boots with protective and slip resistant out-soles.

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When buying work shoes, make sure that they are comfortable. Comfort is important to avoid foot aliments like blisters, sores, and ingrown toe nails which may occur if the feet are rubbed raw and squeezed tightly for long hours. Though leather shoes may stretch with time, conforming to the shape of the feet, steel-toe boots will never stretch. This means that they will always remain tight.

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