Depending on what industry in, you may be notified by your employer that you are required to wear safety glasses throughout the workday or when performing certain tasks. Prescription safety glasses online are a good choice for people who normally wear prescription glasses since they require the wearer to only wear one pair of glasses in situations where protective eyewear is needed.

Workers wearing prescription safety glasses

How Do Safety Glasses Work?

Safety glasses are designed to withstand greater impact than regular glasses and offer protection from projectiles, UV rays, chemicals, and more. Common jobs that may require or recommend protective eyewear include mechanics, manufacturers, healthcare workers, lab technicians, construction workers, or athletes. Additionally, some people prefer safety glasses when performing certain activities that can hurt the eyes, such as hunting, biking, or welding. In order to be considered safety glasses, the eyewear must meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Should You Buy Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

Buying prescription safety glasses online is a great way to have a greater variety of frame styles to choose from. You can also potentially save much more money by hunting for a bargain online. At Safety Gear Pro, we offer a large assortment of safety glasses from both premium and value brands, so you can find a pair of eyewear that fits within your budget.

Man wearing prescription safety glasses at work


Can You Buy Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription safety glasses online can be purchased with or without prescription lenses. For someone who normally wears prescription glasses, getting a pair of Rx safety glasses is often the safest and most convenient. This prevents you from needing to wear two pairs of glasses or having contacts on under your safety eyewear.

Is it Bad To Wear Safety Glasses All Day?

Safety glasses are not any more harmful than regular glasses for your eyes. If you want to wear prescription safety glasses all day long, it is perfectly fine to do so. In fact, there are many stylish options available for safety glasses that are basically indistinguishable in appearance from regular eyeglasses.

What Is the Difference Between Safety Glasses and Regular Glasses?

Regular eyeglasses are designed to correct a person’s vision, but they are not required to be safe in harsh environments. Safety glasses, on the other hand, are required to provide an extra level of protection and durability in situations that can potentially cause an eye injury, such as a hazardous job or recreational activity.

Are Side Shields Required on Safety Glasses?

While safety glasses need to provide adequate protection to the side of the eyes, side shields are not always necessary to qualify a pair of eyewear as safety-rated. Wraparound glasses or eyewear with an 8-base wrap are already designed to curve around the eyes and prevent damage without side shields.

Do All Safety Glasses Have To Be Stamped z87?

Yes, all safety glasses must be marked with the z87 symbol on the front frame and on the temples to show they meet safety standards. Only glasses that have been tested and proven to meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards can qualify as z87 prescription safety glasses and receive this stamp.