Different Types of Safety Clothing and Shoe Covers

Safety clothing and shoe covers are no less than life-saving protective gear for those who work around heavy moving traffic, and with toxic industrial chemicals and construction equipment. When it comes to protective clothing, the variety is endless. There are different types of safety clothing and shoe covers used across industries. See below:

Reflective Safety Clothing

Reflective safety apparel like shirts, jackets and vests are used to provide workers with protection in low-light conditions and from heavy moving traffic. These highly reflective colors of these safety clothing are easily observable. As a result, this helps workers stay safe from possible accidents and roadside injuries. There are 3 classes of reflective safety apparel:

  • Class I reflective safety wear is used by shopping-cart retrievers, parking lot attendants and roadside workers to divert full attention of the traffic approaching towards them.                                                          
  • Class II garments are best for higher-visibility situations. These are appropriate for workers like baggage handlers at the airport, school-crossing guards and law enforcement/emergency personnel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Class III reflective safety gear offers the highest level of visibility. Hence, it is appropriate for highway construction professionals and emergency response personnel.                                            

Chemical Protection Coveralls

Companies like DuPont and KleenGuard offer chemical protection coveralls made of patent fabric. It provides excellent protection from a variety of chemicals. These chemicals include toxic industrial agents like sarin, VX nerve agents, soman, tabun and lewisite which can be extremely dangerous. Besides this, these garments also provide chemical resistance from heavy liquid splashes and protection from hazardous dry particulates.

Shoe/Boot Covers

Just like safety garments, shoe/boot covers are equally important. For construction work, it is important to invest in boot covers that feature steel toe or offer hard-shell toe protection to protect their feet and toes from the dangers of compression or impact of motorized equipment or heavy building materials.

Likewise, disposable boot covers are best for those working in laboratories, medical or chemical based work environments. Similarly, non-skid cover boots with ribbed rubber are best for workplaces where the use and spillage of toxic substances is common.

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