Selecting new safety glasses is not a task you want to rush. Whether you’re looking for gear to protect your face while engaged in your favorite sport or you’re in need of durable eyewear for work, there are key factors to focus on when making your selection. Going with a trustworthy brand can be the perfect way to narrow your search down and discover excellent options. These OnGuard safety glasses are some of the most popular models released by the brand. Explore these styles to discover glasses that meet your specific needs.

man wearing OnGuard safety glasses

1. OnGuard 220FS Safety Glasses

OnGuard 220FS Safety Glasses

Working with electricity can bring a number of serious risks your way. If you’re an electrician or industry specialist who handles jobs with a ton of electrical components, you need to make sure your eyewear doesn’t contain any conductive elements. The OnGuard 220FS is the perfect fit, delivering the ideal experience for those in need of durable safety glasses. The lightweight design also makes the glasses easy to wear for extended periods of time without experiencing discomfort or irritation. Reduce your risk of shock by wearing glasses that meet the standards of both OSHA and ANSI.

2. OnGuard 225S Safety Glasses

OnGuard 225S Safety Glasses

Working in intense industries like manufacturing or rendering can create very unique requirements when it comes to the most appropriate safety gear for your needs. The OnGuard 225S boasts a number of features meant to help industry professionals stay protected. The integrated side shields offer front and side protection, while the nose pads and temples are designed to maximize comfort. The eyewear also has a shield that prevents dust and other small particles from getting anywhere near the eyes. The curvature of the frames make these glasses ideal for those who need the frames fitted with prescription lenses.

3. OnGuard 240S Safety Glasses

OnGuard 240S Safety Glasses

The beauty of OnGuard prescription safety glasses is that there is a model that fits the specifics of every job. The 240S by OnGuard is ideal for high-risk environments of all kinds. The glasses are incredibly durable and have met the standards of both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the American National Standards Institute. The lenses are also made from materials that will not experience erosion due to chemical exposures.

4. OnGuard 220S

OnGuard 220S

When selecting the best OnGuard glasses for your needs, it is best to consider what factors make for excellent protective eyewear. Above all else, you need the glasses to be durable and comfortable. The 220S by OnGuard is constructed with quality materials that keep the frames from breaking and the lenses from taking on scratches.

5. OnGuard WRAP 240SOnGuard WRAP 240S

Expecting the unexpected is the name of the game when it comes to the OnGuard WRAP 240S. With a design that is truly unique and captivating, these glasses are constructed to meet the most common challenges of high-risk industries. Crafted out of durable materials, the lenses are treated to reduce the amount of UV light that hits the eye.

man wearing OnGuard safety glasses at work


How Can I Find the Right Safety Glasses for Me?

Selecting the right safety glasses for your needs is as easy as taking a look at the available inventory at Safety Gear Pro. With a quick search of the options, you’ll discover a look you love.

How Should Safety Glasses Fit?

Since you likely will be wearing your OnGuard safety glasses for extended periods of time, you want to make sure they fit comfortable without being too cumbersome. Most feature an adjustable strap to make life easier.

Do Safety Glasses Impact a Person’s Vision?

Glasses that fit a person appropriately should not cause any harm to his or her ability to see. However, wearing glasses that obstruct your vision or are not the correct prescription can lead to eye strain and headaches.

What Does ANSI Z87.1 Mean?

Eyewear that has received a rating of ANSI Z87.1 has been approved by the American National Standards Institute. This means the glasses have gone through serious tests and have been proven to meet the intense regulations set forth by the organization.

Can Safety Glasses Be Fitted for Prescription Lenses?

Yes! You can have your unique prescription fitted to the frames of your choice. Simply take a look at the different design options and find a brand you trust. Once you place your order and include your prescription, you’re all set to go.

In order for you to select the most appropriate OnGuard safety glasses for your line of work, you need to conduct a little preliminary research. Take time to explore what Safety Gear Pro has to offer and find all of the essential equipment you require to stay protected while on the job.