Are Transition Lenses Right For Your Glasses?


Are Transition Lenses Right For Your Glasses?

Photochromic lenses are more commonly known as transition lenses. These lenses are kind of like reading glasses, distance glasses, and sunglasses all in one package, darkening when they’re exposed to UV rays and lightening in darker environments. While transition lenses aren’t for everyone, they have helped a lot of people in a variety of situations. Here’s what you need to know before you decide if they’re right for you:

Cost Effectiveness

Opting for transition lenses can save you serious money. You could potentially condense three different types of glasses into a single pair. You also avoid the hassle of having to switch back and forth between sunglasses and standard lenses throughout the day — your glasses do all the work for you!


When you use transition lenses in your glasses, you say goodbye to fumbling around with multiple frames and cases. Gone are the days when you forget your reading glasses at work or leave your sunglasses in the car. Perhaps most importantly, the lenses allow you to make use of your prescription while protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays. Too often, prescription users will switch to cheap plastic sunglasses when it’s bright out. That’s not good for your health or your vision!

Not Ideal for Driving

Many people purchase transition lenses thinking they’ll be great for driving, but transition lenses do not darken inside vehicles. Since your windshield and windows already filter out UV rays from your car, your transition lenses will not be able to adjust when bright sunlight comes into your car. Customers commonly encounter this confusion when considering transition lenses. Although we still think transition lenses are a great option, we want to be honest about their limitations so that customers can choose the glasses that are right for them.