Famous retired basketball star Kareem Abdul Jabbar is known for playing 20 seasons for the NBA. Between his time on the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers, Jabbar was able to set a number of records and gain international recognition as an athlete. Of course, this was not without a fair share of challenges. Many people may remember Kareem Abdul Jabbar always wore sports prescription glasses. This was primarily due to his height. Being a tall man, his eyes were constantly scratched and poked by players jumping for the ball during games.

The incidents became so irritating to Jabbar and concerning for his health that he began wearing glasses for sports for the rest of his career. The basketball glasses were so iconic, that every player involved with his final game wore a pair in his honor. If you play basketball and want to keep your eyes protected, you may have a few questions. Consider these frequently asked questions to learn more.

two kids playing basketball wearing glasses

Basketball & Goggles FAQ

Can I Play Basketball With Glasses?

Glasses can seem like a hindrance in a sport like basketball. The constant movement and flailing arms that come along with basketball can easily cause eyewear to fly from a face and cause additional issues. Still, countless professional athletes have worn glasses over the years. The trick is taking time to invest in glasses for sports. Protective gear with prescription lenses and other added safety features can improve your ability to play and reduce the odds of your glasses leaving your head during a game. Your eyewear should never prevent you from playing your favorite sport.

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Goggles While Playing?

As in the case of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, players can wear glasses for many reasons. Outside of needing glasses to see, some players wear goggles because they want to protect their eyes from possible damage. Jabbar started wearing glasses after an opponent accidentally scratched his eye and caused slight damage to his vision. By taking the extra step of wearing basketball glasses, Jabbar was able to keep his eyes safe from players who were attempting to wrest the ball from him. No matter the reason, wearing goggles can be a smart precautionary measure.

Can I Get Prescription Basketball Glasses?

You can definitely get sports prescription glasses for basketball! In fact, most people who wear this type of protective eyewear do so because they require glasses to see. Goggles made to fit your specific prescription give you a clear shot at the net and increase your odds of success on the court. All you need to do is select a style you enjoy and have the frames fitted with your prescription. In no time, you’ll be ready to shoot some hoops and feel confident in your ability to get nothing but net each time.

Basketball might be a fast-paced and high-contact sport, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it up because you wear glasses. Superstars like Kareem Abdul Jabbar were able to see improved games thanks to the assistance of sports prescription glasses. There are a number of options out there worth consideration, so take time to research the right fit. Find a pair that works for you and gear up to play your best at all times.

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