Do you think there is no need for you to invest in a quality welding mask and gear? Think again, because even while many people argue that this is a low-risk job compared to other riskier occupations, there is no denying that a certain amount of precaution is crucial for ensuring proper safety at work. If you are in this field, then you need to have a keen understanding of compressed gases, ultraviolet radiations, toxic vapors, electrical connections, airborne particulates, fire risks, and other potential hazards.

Welding is a job that requires sophistication and a lot of practice as a seemingly small job of welding the surface of auto steel using a small residual brake fluid can cause grave injuries if done incorrectly. Therefore, it is essential to invest in quality welding gloves, masks, and other protective gear for effective protection.

Here, we discuss the two most important protective welding gear in detail:

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are the most important protective equipment that you will require at work. There are different types of gloves that are suitable for carrying out different tasks. If you are looking for apparel to get you through welding-school, then a pair of nice stick gloves will suffice. However, later you will need other types as well such as the side spit gloves, MIG gloves that are made of pigskin or deerskin, and the thinnest of them all, the TIG gloves. TIG gloves are made of deerskin, goatskin, or kidskin.

Welding Mask

While you need gloves for protecting your hands, your face remains exposed to a number of risks posed by welding-work. This is where a welding mask comes into the picture. This headgear protects your face, eyes, and neck from sparks, ultraviolet light, infrared light, heat, and flash burns. You are required to wear the welding helmet to prevent the inflammation of the cornea with a condition called arc eye that might result if the eyes are left unprotected while you are at work.

Most of the modern welding masks come with a lens shade. This is a window through which the welder sees as they work. These windows are made of tinted plastic, tinted glass, or density filter, which is made from polarized lenses. If your welding helmet does not have protective glass shield, you should use goggles that are also available in market.