Sunglasses provide UV protection, safeguard against eye damage, enhance the clarity of what you see and reduce harmful glare. They can also be stylish and a great reflection of your personality. Of course, it’s important to have the right type of glasses so you can reap these benefits. Here’s a quick look at why you should wear them.

Sunglasses Reduce or Eliminate Glare

You’re in your car running errands and the sun creates an intense, even dangerous glare that limits your ability to see. This happens even in the winter, especially if it is snowy. Many people have been in this type of situation, and the danger factor climbs particularly for those 40 and over.

Similarly, if you work outside a lot or participate in activities such as boating, golfing, tennis or running, you need to be able to see well. Safety demands it. For an extra boost, turn to polarized sunglasses. They give you heightened protection against glare. Light-sensitive people and those who recently had cataract surgery are strong candidates for these types of glasses.

If you are in and out of the sun all day, try photochromic lenses to ease your transitions. If you’re over 40, consider polarized glasses with progressive lenses. They look the same as single-vision lenses but help you see an object well no matter how far or how close it is.

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They’re Good for Your Eye Health

The sun emits ultraviolet A, B and C rays. These rays can cause eye problems such as cataracts, retinal degeneration and inflammation of the cornea. Some of the issues can occur quickly, while others become evident over time.

Glasses can protect your eyes against sun damage/UV damage, especially if they’re prescription sunglasses. If you start wearing quality glasses designed for sun protection at a young age, your eyes should be in better shape than if you hadn’t.

What if you have not been wearing these glasses? Start today or as soon as possible. Also, if you have recently undergone corrective surgery on your eyes, these glasses help protect sensitive areas as you recover.

They Help You See Better

High-quality glasses enhance the clarity of the world around you, whether you opt for prescription or standard lenses. In fact, you can choose among lenses offering different levels of quality, depending on your needs, budget and fashion preferences. Check out our selection of prescription, polarized and fashion sunglasses. We have styles for women, men and children. Browse categories such as “athletic glasses” and “prescription soccer glasses.”

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Learn How to Pick the Best Sunglasses

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