The eye is one of the most advanced parts of human physiology. According to scientists and researchers, only the brain is more complex than the eye. This is easy to understand, as eyes have the ability to distinguish around 10 million different shades of color and can focus on around 50 different items in your vicinity every single second. Such a powerful organ needs to be properly protected. When you live an active lifestyle and engage in a good amount of physical activity on a regular basis, prescription sports glasses might be the best investment for your needs.

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Whether you’re involved with athletics in a casual or competitive way, you need to think about how the gear you wear impacts your health and wellness. Take a moment to consider these facts and learn more about how you can properly protect your eyes from harm.

Avoiding Common Eye Injuries While Playing Sports Infographic

Blunt Impact 

Playing sports can take many forms. For some, baseball is the preferred game. Others enjoy running up and down the field in a game of soccer. Whatever your favorite mode of exercise through play tends to be, you need to stay mindful of the various problems that can arise. One of the most common injuries in all sports is blunt trauma. When the eye or eyebrow region is impacted forcefully, it can lead to a serious sports-related injury to the eyes. The most common and least severe result of this is a black eye, caused by bleeding in the eyelid.

Though some of the injuries related to this scenario are minor, a more intense blow to the head can lead to serious problems like a detached retina, ruptured eye, or a situation where a part of the skull is broken or fractured around the eyeball. When you want to focus on eye safety, you need to think about how the right eyewear can protect you from sudden impacts.


Some injuries to the eyes can happen in more subtle circumstances. Most sports are played outdoors where it is difficult to control or contain the dirt, dust, and debris found blowing around in the environment. When a particle of dust gets into the eye, it can cause irritation and more serious problems for a person. A corneal abrasion happens when the outer surface of the eye is scratched. Whether this is from your own fingernail or a piece of dirt, it can lead to more serious infections and problems if left untreated.

Shielding your eyes with the most durable safety glasses can help limit the odds of a corneal abrasion. However, irritation to the eye should always be looked at by a doctor right away. Neglecting an abrasion can cause far more severe issues for your vision.


A chemical burn is a common eye injury that many athletes do not realize they are susceptible to. For the most part, chemical interactions with the eye are most commonplace in lab and manufacturing settings. Still, there are scenarios where an athlete might take on such an injury. The paints and powders used to add lines and markings to playing fields can easily come in contact with a player’s eyes during a game or practice. Should this occur, the chemicals might lead to burning, irritation, or even blindness in some more serious cases.

The obvious solution to this is to immediately rinse the eyes out with sterile saline or water. Still, investing in the right glasses can minimize the damage that you see in the event of this interaction.


Perhaps one of the more obvious potential threats, any item that penetrates the eye is going to cause serious damage. Should a small shard of broken glass be present in the air for one reason or another, it risks hitting a player’s eye and causing massive damage. The practical solution to this is to make sure you are wearing prescription sports glasses that fully protect the eyes and shield them from debris in the air.

Sun Damage

Finally, the sun can play a huge part in the health of your eyes. The longer you are exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays, the more susceptible you are to conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and diminished vision. Wearing a brimmed cap can provide a bit of shade, but you definitely want to make sure you are using protective eyewear like sunglasses. This helps to diminish the dangers caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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What Sports Have the Most Eye Injuries?

Though all sports put you at risk for eye injuries, a few stand out above the rest. According to experts, baseball and basketball put you at the most risk for damage to your eyes. After this, racquetball is a top contender.

What Sports Have the Least Eye Injuries?

Some sports are low-risk situations for eye injuries. Professionals state that swimming, track, and cycling are the physical activities to engage with when you want to minimize the potential damage presented to your eyes.

What Is Polarization?

Polarization is a treatment you can consider for your sunglasses. It reduces the glare caused when light reflects off nearby surfaces like water or glass. If you play sports, polarization is vital because it helps to improve your field of vision and make objects clearer.

What Is an ANSI Rating?

If you see an ANSI rating on a pair of glasses, it means the glasses meet safety standards of the American National Standards Institute. You can feel confident in your investment knowing it has been tested in rigorous ways for quality.

How Do I Select the Right Glasses for Me?

Picking the best glasses to protect your face on the field starts with your face shape. By taking the shape of your face into consideration, you can guarantee that the eyewear you select will fit appropriately and help you look your best.

There are many ways to protect your eyes on the field. Find the best prescription sports glasses for your needs by taking a look at the available selection at Safety Gear Pro and keep yourself safe at all times.