Ensuring Workplace Eye Protection: Your Go-To Guide to Buying a Pair of Safety Glasses

man wearing safety glasses

Work-related eye injuries are common in all settings. Fortunately, many of them are preventable with the proper use of safety glasses that protect your eyes from injuries caused due to chemical splashes, metal particles, and radiation. However, choosing the right pair of safety glasses is not as straightforward as it might seem. With different types of frame types and lenses and the amount of information available online, it can become overwhelming to choose the right pair that offers you complete protection and perfect aesthetics.

How To Guide

Step 1: Know the Eye Safety Hazards at Your Workplac

The first step to finding a great pair of prescription safety glasses is understanding the specific hazards that your eyes face on a regular basis. Are you in an environment where chemical exposure is a possibility? Are you at risk of projectile impact on your job site? Take factors like these into consideration when you’re shopping for bifocal safety glasses and look for a pair that’s specifically designed for the eye hazards you may encounter.

Step 2: Understand the Types of Safety Eyeglasses and Lens Materials

Consider where you are going to be riding. This can make a big difference in what will be the right eyewear for your needs.

  • Track: On the track, you primarily need to look forward (blind spots are not typically as important) and you are dealing with a lot of wind. Typically, a helmet with a visor will be the best option. If you need corrective lenses, consider wearing contact lenses underneath.
  • Street: When you are riding on the street, you likely aren’t going as fast as on the track. However, there are other drivers to contend with. Motorcycle safety glasses or goggles are likely ideal options at lower speeds. At higher speeds, you may need a helmet visor.
  • Off-Road: On the trail, you will usually be at much lower speeds than the track or street. However, there is a lot of debris and mud to deal with. Usually, motorcycle goggles are the best option.

Step 3: Know Your Preferences

You will measure your temple-to-temple width to figure out the total width of your glasses, including the frames, lenses, and bridge. This measurement is used to determine the most appropriate full width of prescription glasses online to fit your face best. For this measurement, you will need a mirror and a rule. Using a photo for this measurement is inappropriate because it cannot be scaled to the accurate sizing; use only a mirror and a ruler for best results. You will measure from your left temple to your right temple. To do so, hold the ruler below your eyes in a horizontal position and measure the distance between the two temples and record your measurement for total width.

  • Note

Another vital part of gathering all of your face measurements is yet another temple measurement; this one isn’t from your temples; it is for the temples or arms of the glasses. To determine the correct length of temples for your glasses, you will use your total width. Temples on glasses usually come in three preset sizes but can also be found in ranges from 4.7 – 5.9 inches. The larger the whole width of your face, the larger the temples will need to be on your glasses.

We are hopeful that this information will assist you in your online safety eyeglasses purchase. If you have more questions, you may contact our customer care representative at sales@safetygearpro.com