These days, more and more people are paying attention to how daily habits impact their sense of wellness. If you’re trying to make your health a top priority, then you need to think about more than what you eat and how often you exercise. In fact, the right accessories can go far to helping you live a long and healthy life. When it comes to the health of your eyes, you need to focus on finding a quality pair of glasses by a trusted brand like Wiley X. Consider these advantages and learn how decent shades keep you safe.

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UV Protection

Perhaps the most significant benefit to wearing sunglasses is providing your eyes with protection from UV rays. Endless studies have pointed out just how harmful direct exposure to sunlight can be to both the skin and the eyes. While sunscreen is the obvious solution for your epidermal concerns, you need to take extra precaution when it comes to your eyes. An acceptable pair of sunglasses will feature lenses that aim to block a considerable percentage of both UV-A and UV-B rays. Shielding your eyes reduces the odds of macular degeneration, cataracts, and other conditions the eyes are susceptible to.


Direct sunlight is one of the more noteworthy health risks presented to the eyes, but it is far from the sole contributor. In fact, light that reflects off of certain surfaces can be even more damaging. When you’re on the road, for example, sunlight that hits windshields and side-view mirrors can cause a glare that distorts your own perception. By having your Wiley X sunglasses polarized, your lenses boast a protective layer that significantly reduces the glare. Whether you’re around a body of water, mounds of snow, or glass, polarization is a feature that is definitely worth consideration.

Avoid Sudden Blows

Some people assume that sunglasses are primarily for blocking UV rays or giving a fashionable edge to an ensemble. In truth, people tend to wear Wiley X glasses for a variety of reasons. Those who like to play sports regularly will usually wear protective glasses and shades in order to provide a cushion against a sudden impact. When you’re engaged in an intense game, you can’t always control when elbows and knees come at your face. You can, however, invest in quality sunglasses to shield your face from these blows.

Reduce Headaches

Prescription glasses are crucial for a majority of people at some point in their lives. If you’ve been using an outdated prescription or foregoing glass altogether, you’re putting a lot of strain on your eyes. This, in turn, is known to lead to migraines, recurring headaches, and other irritations. Upgrade your sunglasses to include your current prescription and you’ll feel a difference in your daily health in no time.

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Is It Easy To Find the Right Wiley X Sunglasses?

You can easily find an ideal pair of Wiley X glasses for your lifestyle. All you need to do is explore the vast selection available at Safety Gear Pro. Pick a model that meets your specifications and place your order!

Can Sunglasses Harm the Eyes?

Sunglasses are only harmful to the eyes when the lenses do not offer any real protection. When selecting shades, you must pay attention to factors like the percentage at which UV-A and UV-B rays are blocked from entering the eyes.

How Should Sunglasses Fit?

As with any eyewear you select, you want to be sure that sunglasses have a comfortable fit. Since you’ll likely be wearing the accessory for long durations, the frames should rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose without feeling at risk for falling off.

Why Do People Wear Big Sunglasses?

Though it may seem like a fashion choice, larger glasses can also serve a practical purpose. By selecting large frames, the lenses are covering more surface area on your face. In addition to shielding your eyes, the glasses also work to reduce how much light hits the nearby skin.

Is Face Shape Important With Sunglasses?

Some professionals suggest picking frames for glasses based around the natural shape of your face. While this can be a great way to select your glasses, you can also feel free to pick whatever style matches your own sensibilities best.

Though there is no magical cure for a long life, taking the right precautions can often put the odds in your favor. Find a quality pair of Wiley X sunglasses that meet the demands of your life by diving into the inventory available at Safety Gear Pro.