There are countless reasons to get outdoors and partake in a bit of exercise. By engaging with yourself on a physical level each day, you are getting the exercise that your body needs in order to perform at its best. For many people, a fun way to get in some daily movement is by riding a bike. Whether you’re someone who cycles regularly or you are just getting into regular rides, you might have a few questions regarding your safety while out and about. Prescription cycling glasses, for example, are an essential piece of gear for riding bikes.

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Picking the right glasses takes time. Look over this guide and learn more about why you need to wear cycling goggles, what makes for the best glasses, and how to customize the eyewear to fit the specifics of your life.

Why Wear Cycling Glasses?

If you’re not someone who relies on glasses to see, then you might never think that you actually need gear like this for a ride. However, augmenting your vision is only one of the many uses that glasses have. In fact, a good chunk of people who wear goggles while riding don’t actually require prescriptions. Take a look at these suggestions and gain a bit more perspective on why this can be a perfect investment.


The rain can bring about a gloomy mood whether you’re stuck inside or have to venture out into the wet weather. However, cyclists have to deal with a bit more than just getting wet. When you’re moving through open areas at a fast pace and the rain kicks in, the little droplets can actually hit your eyes in a way that is painful and causes obscurity to your vision. Shielding your eyes with quality glasses is the best way to avoid this.


It doesn’t need to be raining for the weather to pose a threat to your next ride. In fact, many people find that the wind can prove far more of an impediment. If you’re out and about and a gust of wind kicks up, whatever is blown into your eyes can lead to some major irritation or worse. Again, this is an area where protective glasses will make a world of difference. Keeping your eyes protected from what the wind blows your way is vital to your eye health.

UV Rays

Whether on or off a bike, cycling glasses serve the essential purpose of blocking UV rays from hitting your eyes. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to sunlight over the course of a person’s life can cause major damage. By wearing glasses to block both UV-A and UV-B rays, you will be able to ensure your eyes are protected in the way they need to be.


Of course, people also wear glasses simply because of how they look. Though this piece of essential gear provides all sorts of protection, sunglasses have long been used as a way of enhancing someone’s appearance. Glasses meant for cycling are designed to cover countless styles, meaning you don’t have to rely on just one look. If you want to look cool while you ride, shades can help you achieve this goal.

What Matters Most When Buying Cycling Glasses?

Not all sunglasses are made to be equally protective. In fact, there are plenty of inferior brands out there that push models that have no actual safety qualities. If you’re someone who wants to make sure you are getting the best possible bang for your buck, there are a handful of factors you need to focus on. Looking for the following qualities will help you feel satisfied by your purchase.


The lenses are one of the most important points to focus on when you’re picking out the best cycling glasses. You do not want to go with lenses that will break at the slightest impact. One way to guarantee that the lenses have been put through the proper tests for impact resistance is by looking for the approval of the American National Standards Institute. A rating of ANSI z87.1 means that the glasses have met the industry standards.


The frames will also play into how you feel about your investment. Not only does the overall style of the frames matter, you must also consider the materials that are being used. From plastics to metals, there are a number of excellent choices for you to think over. Picking the right material can make a world of difference to how the glasses feel while you’re out on the road and getting in exercise on your bike.


Experts in the world of eyewear also suggest that cyclists seek out treatment options for lenses. Since conditions can be intense outdoors and shift from moment to moment, the right protective coatings can improve the experience overall. Polarization treatments, for example, are ideal for cyclists. Polarized lenses reduce the glare that occurs when light bounces from glass and other reflective surfaces. If you want to improve clarity, polarization and other treatments can do wonders.

It is important to note that some treatments can impact how the glasses perform in other ways. Polarized lenses offer enhanced protection in some ways, but will not be as effective at shielding from UV rays as untreated lenses. Learning about the pros and cons of each will help point you in the best possible direction for your needs.

How Cycling Glasses Differ From Typical Glasses

While all sunglasses are worn for protection or fashion to a certain degree, you need to make sure you buy glasses that are specifically crafted for cycling when you’re shopping around. Regular glasses are meant for standard scenarios, whereas glasses for biking are given extra touches that are meant to meet the pressures of riding a bike. Though it might seem like any glasses are better than no glasses when it comes to staying safe on your bike, you’ll be much safer by seeking appropriate eyewear right from the start.


Where Can I Buy New Prescription Cycling Glasses?

If you’re ready to invest in a brand new pair of prescription cycling glasses, now is a great time to find the perfect option for your biking goals. Take a look at the options available from cutting-edge brands at Safety Gear Pro and find the glasses that will make your next ride easier and more enjoyable.

What Qualities Are Important in Cycling Glasses?

When you’re seeking glasses for biking purposes, you want to focus specifically on glasses that are durable and comfortable. Since you’ll be wearing the glasses for long rides, comfort helps immensely. Style can also play into the final decision, but isn’t the most important factor.

Does Fashion Matter With Safety Glasses?

As mentioned, glasses for biking purposes are worn for many reasons. Fashion can play a huge part in how you feel about the glasses and might even be the primary motivator behind the choice. Still, you need to look for glasses that protect and enhance your look.

Do Cyclists Wear Glasses While Riding?

Plenty of professional and amateur cyclists wear glasses while riding. In order for you to keep your eyes shielded to the best of your abilities, you need to take time to look over the different options available to you that boast enhanced durability.

What Treatment Is Best for My Needs?

There are several ways to find the right treatments for your lenses. In order to see success, your best bet is to consider the parameters of your routine. If you encounter a lot of reflected light on your rides, for example, polarization is an option that will do wonders.

When it comes to protecting yourself while you’re out and about and riding your bike, your glasses will make a world of difference. Prescription cycling glasses are meant to keep you safe, so you don’t want to select just any pair that comes along. Dedicate time and effort to searching through the selection available at Safety Gear Pro. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have no trouble finding a protective pair that helps you look great and improves your vision all the while.



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