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GUNNAR Optiks - Computer Eyewear

GUNNAR Optiks produces computer screen glasses intended to protect users from digital eye strain. Programmers, designers, social media users and other hardcore computer users can experience fatigue from looking at a screen too long. This can lead to eye fatigue, headaches and blurry vision. GUNNAR Optiks’ glasses help solve this by filtering out harmful parts of the visible light spectrum.

GUNNAR revolutionizes digital eye protection with the Liquet Lens

Liquet Lenses are the latest revolution in digital eye strain protection from GUNNAR Optiks. They provide a more complete and balanced color spectrum than other computer eyeglasses. Nonetheless, they will block harmful blue light from reaching users’ eyes. This means reduced headaches, eye fatigue and blurry vision for Liquet Lens users.

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Blue Light Protection

Prescription computer glasses from Safety Gear Pro feature blue light protection technology. Blue light is a high-energy form of visible light emitted by many things including computer monitors. Our eyes aren’t accustomed to how much they are exposed to from screens. Protecting against this type of light reduces eye strain and associated conditions.

Style Meets Protection

You don’t need to sacrifice your sense of style to wear computer glasses. For example, the UVEX HP02 frames feature a sleek, minimalist style while still offering the eye protection you are looking for. At Safety Gear Pro, we have a catalog to satisfy every taste.

Reason for Computer Glasses

Programmers, designers and other professionals rely on computer glasses to help them avoid eye strain while working. They are also popular with gamers and other hardcore users. They help prevent headache, blurry vision and fatigue.

Looking at computer screens for extended periods causes eye strain. The best way to handle this is with computer eyeglasses. If you need corrective lenses, you should look at prescription computer glasses from Safety Gear Pro.

The intense blue light emitted by computer monitor, televisions and other screens is harmful to our eyes. Humans haven’t adjusted to this artificial light yet. Blue light has a lot of energy compared to other colors. Additionally, our eyes struggle to filter is.

Combined with blue light, the closeness of most computer screens also presents a problem. Our eyes have to try a lot harder to focus intensely on such nearby sources of light. The result is tired eyes, pain and less focused vision.

Computer screen glasses work by filtering out harmful types of light, especially blue light. They also make the artificial light from screens a little less harsh on our eyes. The result is a more comfortable computer use experience.

In the short term, this makes long work or recreation sessions looking at computer screens less uncomfortable. You will be less likely to feel fatigue or discomfort in your eyes. However, the benefits extend beyond the immediate term. They will also help to keep your eyes stronger and healthier for longer.

At Safety Gear Pro, we have numerous frames to choose from. Take a look at the GUNNAR Vertex, for example. They feature a sleek, black look with comfortable, light materials. For something more minimal, check out the Oakley Drill Press.

Whatever frames you choose, you can order as prescription computer glasses. Just choose the type of lenses you want and upload your prescription information. You’ll be able to use your computer glasses without the need for contact lenses. It is a more comfortable way to use a computer if you need corrective lenses.