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Are you tired of having to carry two pairs of glasses with you, one for the indoors and one for the outdoors? Now, you can carry one. We bring you transition safety eyeglasses made with Chromea7 technology. These advanced lenses come in grey, brown, and graphite green. They are known as light adjusting safety glasses due to their ability to change color outside.

They are a convenient option for people who only want to use one pair of glasses. If you do not have weak eyesight, but a problem with glares, you can opt for our polarized safety glasses. Polarized glasses minimize the glare. You can purchase our polarized glasses if you play sports or if you want to make a fashion statement in your new pair of stylish glasses. Whatever your reason is, we know where you need to come to purchase high quality and affordable glasses—from us!

Transition Safety Eyeglasses FAQs

How do I order transition safety glasses?

Ordering transition safety glasses is easy at Safety Gear Pro. After you pick the safety glasses that fit your needs, you can customize your lenses and select transition lenses. You can choose the light adjusting option and the photochromic color option, so pick the lenses that fit your needs best.

Are transition lens safety glasses OSHA approved?

It depends on the situation in which you are working. OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.133(a)(6) says that photochromatic lenses are allowed at inside work locations which do not have variable lighting conditions, since the transitions in those conditions would cause temporary vision impairment. They are also allowed for outside work locations.

Can I customize prescription transition safety glasses?

Yes, Safety Gear Pro offers many different customization options. Both single and multi-focal prescription types can be used. You can also choose to use Premium Digital Lens (HD) with your safety glasses. Safety Gear Pro also offers different safety packages to customize your glasses to fit your safety needs, such as anti-fog, UV protection and anti-reflective technology.

How do you clean transition safety glasses?

As with most lenses, using a microfiber cloth will give you the best results when cleaning your transition safety glasses. If the glasses get especially dirty, you can use a mild soap and warm water to clean off dirt. Make sure you do not use window cleaner on your glasses, as it will break down its protective coating.

Would transition lens safety glasses scratch easily?

The technology behind photochromatic lenses is designed not to scratch or peel off. However, if you work in situation in which your safety glasses might be scratched, you should consider adding the anti-scratch feature to your lenses in a Safety Gear Pro safety package.