Inspired by European roots, the Carrera brand of glasses is a testament to decades of quality and strong design. Founded in 1956 by an Austrian sports eyewear maker, the brand has taken many shapes and forms throughout the years. One thing that has stayed consistent, however, is Carrera’s dedication to fashionable eyeglass frames that attract men from all walks of life. Carrera Glory II Men’s Sunglasses are everything you love in accessories, including quality engineering and sharp design. These frames are generally loved for their durability and versatility. Named for the Italian word for “racing”, these fashion sunglasses share a close relationship with racers and some of the world’s most well-known performance car brands such as Porsche. The good news here is that the Glory II isn’t just for those with a need for speed. Even if you prefer a more easygoing pace, these Carrera shades put your look in first place. The Glory II Men’s sunglasses feature a strong, square yet rounded shape. This unique shape conveys strength, confidence, and versatility. You’re a person of many facets, so you deserve eyewear that fits every part of your life. Whether you’re a business executive or a lover of the finer things, a pair of Glory II fashion sunglasses is right for you. Not only will you appreciate how well these frames accommodate every face shape, but you’ll also love the comfort.