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Uvex SW12 Prescription Tactical Safety ANSI Rated Glasses


Prescription (SPH and CYL combined) can not exceed +/-4.00 for this frame.

Return Policy: 32 Days

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      Polycarbonate Safety Lens - Save 5% with the Basic package!
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      1.59 index polycarbonate lens
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      Polycarbonate Safety Lens - Save 10% with the Pro package!
      ANSI & Impact Rated
      1.59 index polycarbonate lens
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      Polycarbonate Safety Lens and Premium Options for ultimate performance!
      1.59 index polycarbonate lens
      ANSI & Impact Rated
      Extra Clarity UV Protection
      Premium Anti-scratch
      Premium Anti-reflective
      Premium Anti-Fog
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  • Lens width: 62 mm
  • Bridge: 15 mm
  • Temple: 125 mm

Key Features

• Integrated side shield. Provides superior protection under multipurpose usage including high particle environments (dirt, dust, airborne debris)
• Smooth foam sub-frame providing extra comfort for a full day of protection at work. The foam can be removed and replaced to extend life of the spectacle
• Aeration holes on the foam to reduce fog generation
• Soft touch temple to minimize tension around the ears and improve comfort
• Dielectric spectacle: contains no metal parts. Spectacle can be worn in environments where electrical hazards may exist for greater versatility
• Modern and sporty design to increase worker acceptance & wearing time

Recommended Industries/Use


Frequently asked Questions about Uvex SW12 Safety Glasses

What are the top features of Uvex SW12 safety glasses?

Uvex SW12 safety glasses offer prescription and non-prescription lenses that provide a high level
of protection against impact, dust, particulate matter and other debris. This product offers a
removable foam sub-frame to provide additional dust protection and promotes all-day comfort for
wearers. The sleek wraparound style is visually appealing and functional, as it provides better
protection for the eyes.The frame is made entirely of non-metal materials for safe use in
workplaces where electrical hazards may be present. SW12 meets the requirements of ANSI
Z87.1. If you have any additional questions about this product, feel free to contact the
knowledgeable team at Safety Gear Pro for more information.

What options are available on Uvex SW12?

Titmus SW12 safety glasses are available in 5 colors including black, black and purple, black-
green, gray-orange and purple-lavender. The range of color options allows you to find the best
match for your personal style while also getting top-level eye protection. Wraparound design
includes built-in side protection from impact and debris. Removable foam sub-frame provides a
comfortable, secure fit while protecting eyes from the intrusion of irritants such as fine particulate
matter. Foam can be replaced to increase the longevity of the glasses. Frames are vented to help
prevent moisture buildup and diminished visibility due to fogging of the lenses.

What protections are offered by Uvex SW12?

As a distinguished provider of high-quality safety equipment, Honeywell develops products that
meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 standard for eye protection. Honeywell SW12 safety glasses are designed to keep irritants away from your eyes by surrounding them
with a foam sub-frame and impact-resistant lenses. This product also defends against electrical hazards, as it contains no metal components that could support electrical conductivity.
Assess the hazards of your work environment to ensure that the safety glasses you choose are right for your activities. The experts at Safety Gear Pro are standing by to help answer your
product questions.

Additional information


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Frame Material



Mens, Womens

Frame Shape




Product Type

Eyeglasses, Safety Glasses


Full Rim

Temple Type


Face Shape

Heart, Oval, Round

Frame Color


Product Color

Black, Green, Purple




ANSI Z87.1


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