Work place safety is essential for a lot of occupations, but it is especially crucial for jobs such as welding. Welding exposes the workers to hazards such as radiations, fires, explosions, and intense heat. Therefore, people working in such fields need to understand the risks involved in it. They also need to follow appropriate actions for ensuring a safe work environment. Investing in Welding Gear such as Jackson welding helmet, therefore, becomes essential.

Arc Welding

Arc welding is considered a safe occupation, but only if sufficient precautions are taken for protecting welders from various hazards. If such practices are overlooked, there are heavy chances that welders might end up encountering dangers such as overexposure to radiation, electric shocks, fires, explosions, gases, and fumes. These are serious issues that can result in fatal injuries as well.

Welding Gear

Just as a football player requires helmet and shoulder pads for their protection, arc welders need to follow similar precautions as well. This is why you need to invest in high quality welding gear. The protective gear must allow free movement while delivering sufficient coverage against injuries and burns from weld spatter, sparks, and arc radiation.

When it comes to protection against hazardous substances, the gear includes not only flame-resistant suits and clothing, but also covers protection of face and hands with helmet and gloves.

In case of welding, you must take special care of your eyes and hands. The Jackson welding helmet is a great product that takes care of your face as you perform your welding duties. The eyes are completely covered and protected. Thanks to the protective glass that shields them against the welding spatter. It is crafted from a pair of polarized lenses and is often tinted. Therefore, a Jackson welding helmet is something you should rely on when protecting yourself against the hazards of welding.

For the protection of your hands, a wide range of welding gloves is available and you can get one that is suitable for your needs. They range from leather made of goatskin to pigskin–and even kidskin! These are created to fit properly and it is important that you buy the right size for your hands.