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Rx Safety Glasses - Oakley SI Det Cord Ballistic Testing

Best safety glasses prescription with Ballistic Rated Polycarbonate Lens and Destruction proof frames. Rx Safety glasses don’t have to be clunky and awkward. Sleek prescription safety glasses are now available online to suit any setting, indoors and out, and can be made comfortable for a variety of faces. From classic colorless safety lenses to tinted lenses for a variety of lighting situations, these sleek specs are sure to fit in with whatever work you need them to do.

Bolle Prescription Safety Goggles - Bulletproof & Anti Fog

The worst thing about wearing generic safety glasses is the constant threat of condensation, scratches and other things that limit visibility. With these top safety prescription glasses, however, you don’t have to worry. Fog resistance makes working in damp environments non-threatening, and premium scratch-resistance keeps vision clear even when dealing with particles and debris.

Prescription Safety Glasses & Prescription Safety Goggles perfect for the job

Prescription safety glasses are an absolute must for individuals who work in industrial environments or already require prescription glasses. If you work in environments that are hazardous to your eyes, then you need to check out Safety Gear Pro. We provide high-quality protection for eyes with the best prescription safety glasses online. Whether you require protection against lasers, chemicals, radiation, wind, or dust, Safety Gear Pro offers you a comprehensive range of prescription safety glasses, from wrap around prescription safety glasses to prescription shooting glasses.

Safety Gear Pro is able to offer a wide range of styles and options in prescription safety glasses as we have our own optical lab that allows us to make high-quality frames and a complete range of prescription safety eyewear accessories. Our large inventory, combined with the full-service in-house optical lab allows us to deliver most of our orders within the week. We also ship our prescription safety glasses to Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Z87 safety glasses?

Z87.1 is the rating for all safety glasses. This means the glasses are up to ANSI rating and are acceptable at any worksite.

Do safety glasses have UV protection?

Some brands do have safety frames with UV protection such as Wiley X and certain Oakley.

Can safety glasses have prescription lenses?

Most safety glasses can carry prescription lenses. Prescriptions may vary due to certain styles of frames.

How do you tell if glasses are safety rated?

If you order glasses and they have a stamp on the inside of the temple saying ANSI Z87.1 then they meet the safety rating created by the American National Standards Institute.

Does an employer have to pay for prescription safety glasses?

Employers must pay employees’ prescription safety glasses when they mandate that the protection remains on company property.

Do you ship Prescription Safety Glasses to Canada?

Safety Gear Pro can ship your prescription safety glasses and safety goggles to USA and Canada.

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