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Bolle ULTIM8 Safety Glasses


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Our #1 best selling safety goggles

This frame cannot accommodate a RX higher than +/-3.00

This frame can only accommodate a Pupillary Distance (PD) of 64mm and above

RX lenses are NOT Interchangeable. The lens tint shown here is only available with non rx lenses if choosing a rx lens you must pick a tint that is available in step 4.


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Bolle ULTIM8 Safety Prescription Glasses
Frame Width: 150 mm
Lens height: 39 mm
Lens Width: 70 mm
Bridge: 17 mm
Temple: 135 mm
  • Platinum Anti-fog/Anti-scratch coating
  • TPR waterproof foam
  • PC/TPR pivoting temples
  • Removable adjustable strap
  • Temple/goggles conversion kit
  • Rated D3/D4/D5 when worn with retainer strap


ANSI Z87.1-2010 / ANSI Z87.1-2015

  • American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection Devices


  • Impact Mark Rated Plano

D3, D4

  • Splash / Droplet
  • Dust


  • REMOVABLE TEMPLES: This technology is used to quickly and easily transform safety glasses into safety goggles. The temples can be replaced with the foam and strap kit

The most advanced protection for extreme work environments offers maximum fog resistance utilizing the PLATINUM coating.

Frequently asked Questions about Bolle ULTIM8 Safety Glasses

What Are the Bolle ULTIM8’s Safety Ratings

These Bolle safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1-2015 standards. This is the rating defined by the American National Standard Institute for occupational and educational eye and face protection devices. OSHA only requires compliance with the 2010 revision of this standard. So, the ULTIM8 glasses exceed the requirements.

Additionally, the glasses meet the glasses also achieved the Z87+ impact mark rated Plano. When worn with the retainer strap and eyecup seals, the glasses meet the ANSI D3, D4 and D5 standard for splash and droplet, dust and fine dust protection. In short, these safety glasses offer comprehensive protection for your eyes.

What Are the Most Notable Features of the Bolle ULTIM8?

The most immediately noticeable feature of these glasses is that they are both glasses and goggles. Users can choose to wear them with a retainer strap or with temples. This makes them more flexible and comfortable for long-term use. For example, if you want to use them for sports, you can wear them as glasses during slower-paced circumstances or goggles during high-intensity play.

They also feature full-deal eyecups. This helps prevent fogging by keeping your breath away from the lenses. For anyone who has used safety goggles while breathing heavily, this is a must-have feature. Along with the excellent protection ratings, these features make the Bolle ULTIM8 glasses an excellent choice.

Can the Bolle ULTIM8 Have Prescription Lenses?

Yes, Safety Gear Pro offers Bolle ULTIM8 prescription safety goggles. We offer several great options including different lens types, lens thicknesses, tint and eye protection features. These glasses will accommodate SPH/CYL of +/-3. Anything stronger than that will not be able to fit into the wraparound goggles. However, we offer several frames that can accommodate stronger prescriptions.

When you are ready to order, simply select “Add Prescription” on the product page. Then, follow the steps to select your options for the prescription lenses. Finally, enter, upload or send your prescription information to us. We will take care of the rest and send you your new Bolle ULTIM8 prescription safety goggles.

Additional information


Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking



Frame Material


Frame Shape

Rectangle, Wrap-Around





Product Type

Goggles, Safety Glasses


Full Rim

Temple Type



Bolle Goggles

Face Shape

Diamond, Heart, Oval, Pear, Round, Square


Frame Color


Product Color

Black, Red


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