If you work in an industry that exposes your eyes to dangerous chemicals or potential trauma due to small particles or flying objects, safety glasses are essential for protecting your eyes from harm.  Prescription safety glasses are also useful for helping correct your vision and shield your eyes when participating in your favorite sports or activities. If you’ve invested your time and money in finding a great pair of protective eyewear, you will need to continue to clean and care for your new glasses to ensure their effectiveness.

Maintaining Your Safety Prescription Glasses Between Cleanings

Since safety eyewear is often used in a hazardous environment, you will need to check your glasses before and after every use. Quickly wipe off any dirt and inspect the lenses and frames for any signs of damage. If you do notice any cracks or scratches on your prescription safety glasses, you will need to replace them immediately. Scratches can impair your vision while you work and even the smallest cracks can cause your eyewear to fail at providing the protection you need.

Never leave your glasses on a surface where they can get damaged. Instead, store them in a microfiber pouch or hard case when not in use. If you frequently take your glasses on and off throughout the day, connect a retainer strap or neck cord to the frame so you can simply wear your safety glasses around your neck. This is also a much better place to put your glasses than on the top of your head. Look for eyewear that has anti-scratch and anti-fog properties, or invest in having a protective coating applied to the lenses.

man wearing safety glasses while doing woodwork

Prescription Safety Glasses Maintenance FAQs

Is it safe to wear safety glasses all day?

There is no danger in wearing safety glasses all day, but it not necessary to do so. Many people will wear their safety prescription glasses only at work or during certain activities and then switch to their normal glasses when finished. If you like the appearance of your safety glasses and they are comfortable for you to wear, then there is no reason not to wear them all day.

How do you care for safety glasses?

Take time to remove dust and dirt from your glasses every day by rinsing them in water. Use a soft cloth to wipe off your glasses throughout the day. When your glasses are looking especially dingy, use a lens cleaner. Never use rough cloths or abrasive household cleaners on your safety eyewear.

When should you wear safety glasses?

Safety eyewear should be worn in potentially hazardous environments, such as on a construction site, in a laboratory, when using firearms, or in healthcare settings. They can also be used around the house when working with tools, welding, or doing automotive work. You should also wear safety glasses when paintballing or hunting.

If you have impaired vision, your regular glasses will not fully cover your eyes and will likely break or shatter upon impact, which is why prescription safety glasses are so important. Find the right pair for your needs at Safety Gear Pro!