Going to the shooting range can be an excellent way to enhance your marksmanship. Of course, proper safety when operating a firearm is crucial for every responsible gun owner to follow. Though you likely already know the basics of gun safety, there are additional steps you need to take to keep yourself protected while at the range, on a hunt, or whenever using your firearm. The right prescription shooting glasses with yellow lenses, for example, should be with you whenever you plan on utilizing your gun.

Keep Yourself Safe While Shooting

Shooting safety glasses are necessary for several reasons. If you require glasses in order to see, then prescription glasses for shooting are required to help you see where you’re aiming and avoid shooting away from your intended target. Those who don’t need eyewear in order to see will also require these glasses to shield the eyes from potential harm. Kickback on a weapon can be surprising at times. If your arm pulls back toward your face unexpectedly, durable protective eyewear shields your eyes from the sudden impact.

Reduce Blue Light

Yellow shooting glasses are the preferred choice of many firearms experts. The yellow tint on these lenses filters out blue light, which often obscures vision and makes objects seem less defined. By using yellow glasses while shooting, the blue light of fog can be filtered out and give you a clearer picture of what you are looking at. Some professionals also state that the yellow coloration helps to improve a person’s perception of depth, which can increase overall accuracy with a weapon and reduce the odds of missing a target.


Why Are Shooting Glasses Yellow?

Prescription shooting glasses are yellow because this color is known to filter out blue UV rays of light. Yellow lenses are known to improve a person’s ability to see and discern objects, as well as boost depth perception and create ease of focus.

Can I Wear Shooting Glasses Indoors?

Since many firing ranges are located indoors, you definitely need to wear shooting glasses even when you’re inside. Yellow glasses will still prove advantageous, though some believe that an orange tint can be a bit more beneficial when it comes to filtering out the blue lights found in indoor environments.

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Polarization is another treatment some might wish to consider when investing in safety eyewear. Lenses that have been polarized will reduce the glare a person experiences when light is reflected off of surfaces like water or snow. This can make a big difference for those who shoot outdoors often.

What Is an ANSI Rating?

When you see that eyewear has been given an ANSI rating, you may not know what this means. Essentially, this designation is confirmation that the glasses have gone through the intense tests of the American National Standards Institute and meet the requirements.

How Do I Pick the Right Protective Glasses?

Selecting the best eyewear is all about the way it fits. Unlike glasses worn for fashion, you need to be most concerned with comfort. The eyewear should be held tight on your face without digging into your skin and stay in place when you move your head about suddenly.

In order for you to keep yourself safe while at the range, proper eyewear is a must. Explore the selection available at Safety Gear Pro and discover prescription shooting glasses that help you get more out of your next experience.