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Ways to remove scratches from Sunglasses

Keeping your glasses in the right condition is often easier said than done. Though you may go to extreme lengths to shield the sensitive lenses of your eyewear from harm, scratches can and will happen. When the mark is superficial enough, there are several ways you can go about reducing the impression or removing the scratch entirely. Best of all, many of these strategies can be explored with items found already in your home. Consider these suggestions and learn how to keep scratches away from your Ray-Ban sunglasses.


The first method to consider for removing scratches involves a bit of toothpaste. Since toothpaste by nature is somewhat abrasive, it can work to work out some of the slighter marks that appear on your lenses. It is important to use a toothpaste that is non-gel and contains no whitening agents, as these can damage treatments to your lenses. Put a dab of toothpaste on your finger, swirl it around the lenses where the scratches are, wait a few minutes, rinse with warm water, and dry with cotton balls. This should work to buff some of the finer dings.


Some DIY experts have stated that sunscreen can be a helpful way to remove scratches from Ray-Ban prescription glasses in some situations. If your glasses have a mirror coating and this layer has experienced a scratch, then sunscreen may help. However, this won’t work if the scratch cuts deeper than the surface. The sunscreen is used to safely strip the lenses of the mirror coating, which will change both the appearance and effectiveness of the glasses. In this scenario, it may be best to simply invest in replacement lenses for your frames.

Glass Etching

Another method that is similar to the sunscreen approach is the glass-etching tactic. This will only work with plastic lenses that feature a surface coating. Any attempt to use this method on actual glass lenses will result in more significant scratches. Glass etching agents contain chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, which removes the coating from the plastic lens. As with the other methods, this DIY approach is going to alter the way the glasses function and it may be best to seek replacements instead of going through this trouble.

Car Wax

For some reason, there is a common misconception that car wax can be a good choice to remove scratches from Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses. Though it might do a fine job of getting rid of the marks on a car’s exterior, it is definitely not a practical choice for glasses. Those who try to use car wax for this purpose will completely ruin the lenses, coating the material with a thin film of wax that cannot be seen through or easily removed. Definitely not a move anyone should make.


Finally, you may see some blogs or resources suggest sandpaper as a way of buffing out scratches. Though it should be somewhat obvious, this is not a good way to go about working with finely crafted lenses. Putting the rough surface of the paper to your sunglasses will result in more scratches and overall damage than you began with.


How Can I Order Replacement Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

If the scratches on your Ray-Ban sunglasses are bothering you, ordering new eyewear might be the solution you require. Peruse the selection at Safety Gear Pro and discover a style that helps you feel comfortable and confident whenever you put them on.

Can Baking Soda Clean Sunglasses?

Though some suggest baking soda as a way of removing scratches and marks from sunglasses, research shows it is a gamble. Some coatings and treatments can become discolored or damaged when baking soda is applied, so exercise extreme caution before trying any DIY tactics involving this agent.

Are Scratched Sunglasses Dangerous?

No, there is no inherent risk to wearing sunglasses with superficial scratches. However, a larger scratch that obstructs your vision at all should be treated as soon as possible. Replacing a significantly damaged lens will help you keep your field of vision clear.

Can I Buy Scratch Remover?

You can definitely buy products to help remove or reduce the appearance of scratches on your lenses. Do a little research of your own to figure out which brand and product is the most appropriate for your exact lenses and see if it can make a difference.

Does Toothpaste Really Work on Scratched Glasses?

Of all the homemade approaches to removing scratches from sunglasses, toothpaste seems to deliver the best results. However, replacing the lenses might be the best choice as time moves on. Repeated applications of toothpaste will eventually start doing more harm than good.

Though you can easily explore an array of approaches to removing scratches from your Ray-Ban sunglasses, there are some situations where buying new is your best bet. Take time to weigh your options, see which route is best for your needs and visit Safety Gear Pro to find the best tools and accessories to help you.

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