Prescription computer glasses are ideal for folks that spend countless hours in front of their computer screens. These specially-designed glasses help reduce eyestrain and nagging glare. They feature anti-reflective coating with tints that increase contrast for easier viewing. If you already wear prescription glasses, it should not be hard to find computer glasses for home or the workplace.

woman with glasses on her laptop

Which glasses are best for reducing computer glare?

While there are several brands on the market, Gunnar computer glasses continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. Whether for gamers or daily computer users, Gunnar glasses offer ultimate eye protection and performance. With sleek and trendy designs, these glasses protect wearers from unwanted airflow and humidity. Here are some more essentials of Gunnar computer spectacles at cost-affordable prices:

  • Gunnar glasses are designed with extra wrap around the eyes for added protection.
  • Anti-glare, anti-reflective coating and tints that ensure better viewing for computer users.
  • Gunnar computer eyewear feature unique lenses that prevent irritants from entering your eyes.
  • Wearers are protected from all angles with lenses that sharpen visual focus.
  • Gunnar gaming – computer glasses bring out the small details for optimal magnification. This means no more eyestrain and headaches related to computer screen squinting.

What types of materials are used in Gunnar computer glasses?

Gunnar lenses are scratch-resistant and designed to withstand severe impacts. Made from custom, patented materials by highly-trained optical experts, these glasses are lightweight and mobile. They are also durable and created to ensure high-quality performance for computer users. If looking for the best prescription computer glasses, here are some more reasons to consider the popular Gunnar brand:

  • Scratch-resistant coating for longevity and true performance.
  • Gunnar computer glasses feature signature, exclusive materials that far surpass generic brands.
  • Wearers are guaranteed no impurities, distortions, or visionary problems when wearing these glasses in front of computer screens.
  • Gunnar spectacles are also ideal for laptops, tablets, and other devices since they protect wearers from Computer Vision Syndrome.

Why is computer glare so harmful?

In this day and age, it’s next to impossible to study, work, or enjoy social activities without the use of a computer. From gaming and homework to planning tomorrow’s business meetings, so many Americans are fixated on their computers and wireless devices. Sadly, these gadgets emit a harmful blue light that severely impacts our eyes. In fact, computer glare can cause eyestrain, stress, migraines, and especially blurry vision. They can even cause red eyes, double vision, dizziness, and dry eyes.

With this in mind, you need the right prescription computer glasses with crystal-clear optics and the highest standards of protection. Gunnar glasses give you the confidence to work and play online with unsurpassed visual clarity.

Why are tints important in computer eyewear?

Artificial light from computer screens have high-energy waves that can seriously impact the eyes. However, this blue light can be filtered out with Gunnar lenses; three unique custom tints with light-filtration technologies. While making your screen darker or changing its colors might help you, it does not affect the quality of the light it emits. Therefore, the only real way to protect the eyes is with Gunnar’s gaming and computer glasses with high-performance tints.

man wearing eyeglasses on his laptop