When you need protection for your eyes, you want to wear a pair of reliable prescription safety glasses that are designed specifically for the job or activity. Similarly, it is human nature to want to look good while you perform, no matter what the task happens to be. So purchasing a pair of prescription safety glasses should not leave you feeling forced to sacrifice your app>cool prescription safety glasses that effectively merge safety and style into one product.

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1. OnGuard 225S Prescription Safety Glasses

OnGuard 225S Prescription Safety Glasses

This durable pair of safety glasses is designed for a broad range of industrial uses. While many companies manufacture their products to require a separate side shield attachment, the OnGuard 225S Safety Glasses has this feature built into the frame.

For anyone who works in an environment that produces a significant amount of dust, the dust dams at the top of the frames work well to keep your eyes clear of any floating irritants.

The six-base curvature on the OnGuard 225S fits flat to the face, which balances comfort with functionality.

2. Washington Prescription Safety Glasses

Washington Prescription Safety Glasses

These glasses are a more budget-friendly option, and they still provide a bulk of the desirable details that you find in more expensive competitive brands:

  • ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified
  • OSHA approved
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof lenses
  • UV400 filter protection
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Frames designed for small to medium faces in all shapes

3. New Attitude Motorcycle Prescription Glasses

New Attitude Motorcycle Prescription Glasses

Although these cool prescription safety glasses have the word motorcycle in their title, their possibilities extend far beyond the bike. They are the perfect eyewear option while participating in several different recreational activities:

  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Shooting
  • Driving

The New Attitude’s unisex style, shatterproof lenses and UV400 filter for maximum UV protection make them an ideal purchase for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

4. RX-I CL Shooting Safety Glasses

RX-I CL Shooting Safety Glasses

Owning a gun is not a prerequisite if you are considering purchasing a pair of RX-I CL shooting safety glasses. You will quickly learn that they function equally as effectively for recreational, commercial and industrial purposes.

The rectangular shape of the frame is a universal style, establishing these cool prescription safety glasses as the right choice for a round, heart or oval face.

5. Bolle Drift Men’s Prescription Shooting Eyeglasses

Bolle Drift Men's Prescription Shooting Eyeglasses

With integrated side shields and a six-base curve that sits flatly against your face, the Bolle Drift is a go-to pair of safety glasses for men seeking a balance of comfort and versatility.

The full-rim feature enhances the durability of the frame, making this eyewear perfect for people who work in one of the trade industries.

Order a Pair of Cool Prescription Safety Glasses Today

No matter what your job is or what recreational activities you enjoy, keeping your eyes safe needs to be a priority. Visit Safety Gear Pro and explore all of their prescription safety glasses options that will protect your vision and support your style.

Prescription Safety Glasses


How do I figure out the size of the eyewear that I need?

One of the most common ways to determine the size of your eyewear is to use a millimeter ruler. There are several different dimensions that you may need, depending on the safety glasses that you are purchasing:

  • The frame width: Measure the front of the frame horizontally.
  • The bridge: Measure from the edge of one lens across the top of the bridge to the edge of the other lens.
  • The lens width: Determine the lens’ widest point and measure across, horizontally.
  • The lens height: Determine the lens’ tallest point and take a vertical measurement.
  • The temple arms: Measure from the hinge to where the arm first begins to angle downward. Then measure from that point to the bottom tip. Add these two measurements together.

What are ANSI-approved safety glasses?

ANSI, which stands for American National Standards Institute, is a private organization that sets basic industry standards for a variety of different safety equipment. Products that have surpassed these standards will have a stamped ANSI logo.

What is the meaning of some of the more common markings you find on a pair of safety glasses?

  • Z87 means the glasses provide basic impact protection.
  • Z87+ means the glasses are rated to protect against high-velocity impact.
  • D3 designates the glasses as safe against splash and droplets.
  • D4 indicates dust protection.
  • W accompanied by a number between 1.3 and 14 represents a rating for welding.
  • U accompanied by a number between 2 and 6 represents a pair of glasses with ultraviolet protection.

When is it time for me to purchase a new pair of prescription safety glasses?

If your safety glasses fit any of the following descriptors, it would be a good time to purchase a new pair:

  • You have owned them for over five years.
  • The prescription for your standard glasses has changed.
  • There is damage to the lenses.
  • The lenses have become difficult to keep clean.

What is the best way to clean my prescription safety glasses?

You should begin by reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically they will direct you to run the glasses under water to remove any debris. Then, for a more thorough cleaning, use a disinfectant spray or wipe on the lenses. Allow the glasses to air-dry before wearing them again.

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