Every athlete knows that gear or equipment is essential to all sports. A football player wouldn’t think of playing without pads and a helmet, right? What many people forget is the equipment that isn’t mandatory for all players, such as glasses for sports.

Man Wearing sports glasses

People who wear prescription lenses cannot or shouldn’t forego them to take part in an activity. Glasses wearers should also avoid wearing regular glasses on the field, court, or rink.

Purchasing appropriate sports glasses is vital to protecting your vision. Proper glasses can also improve your performance and response times during play. Eye doctors often encourage athletes of all ages to wear the correct frames and lenses when taking part in sports for four reasons.

1. Injury Prevention

Sports-related injuries are not only possible, but they are also common. Most people think injuries only involve the legs, arms, back, or ribs, but eye injuries also occur.

In baseball, basketball, football, etc., collisions with people or objects occur frequently. You will need extra protection if a foul ball makes a beeline for your face or if a player’s finger makes it behind your helmet during a tackle. Sports goggles or glasses can be that protection.

2. Vision and Performance

Many players underestimate the value of glasses for sports. If your vision isn’t that compromised, if you have a mild prescription, you might think leaving your glasses off does not inhibit your athletic performance, but you would be wrong.

Corrective lenses can drastically affect your skills, response times, and coordination. Besides, even if prescription lenses make a fraction of a difference in your performance, aren’t they worth wearing?

3. Rules and Regulations

Many athletic departments require prescription sports glasses for those who need them. Facilities cannot take on the liability of allowing players with visual impairments on the field.

Also, many sports governing bodies now have mandates for protective eyewear, prescriptive or not. Officials realize the risks to eyesight and will not allow team members to participate without adequate protection.

4. Style and Safety

With the growing support of protective eyewear across many athletic clubs, players are looking for styles that complement their tastes without forgoing safety. Traditional safety eyewear was bulky and clumsy, not the best traits for athletes.

Today, many manufacturers push the design envelope to encourage players to wear their products. Today’s safety eyewear is slimmer and more stylish than traditional glasses, and the materials and protection are often more advanced.

It would be best if you embraced protective glasses for sports. Sports eyewear is the right choice whether you wear prescription lenses or merely want to protect your vision. Check out the collections of sports gear at Safety Gear Pro, and find the style that suits you.

Prescription Sports Glasses


1. What is the purpose of sports glasses?

The purpose of sports glasses is to protect the wearing during more rigorous activities than normal day-to-day wear. The eyewear sits securely against the face, providing clear vision while protecting against physical interactions. However, sports glasses will not protect against all sports injuries, and the eyewear can become damaged during collisions.

2. Do sports glasses actually offer more protection than regular glasses?

Sports glasses do provide more protection than regular glasses. The lenses are made from more durable and impact-resistant materials, meaning they are less likely to fracture during impacts. Despite the strength of the lenses and frames, players still need to take precautions when playing sports or taking part in risky activities.

3. What should you look for in sports glasses?

Many things make sports glasses effective. However, the frame’s fit and coverage are the most important things to consider. Sports glasses need to sit close to the face, and, depending on the frames, they may rest against the face. Also, the lenses and frames should cover the eyes. Complete coverage is essential for protection.

4. Are sports glasses indestructible?

Sports glasses are not indestructible. While the frames and lenses are made from more durable materials than traditional glasses, they can still break. Playing sports carries risks of falls, collisions, and other accidents. It is possible your glasses will get damaged during a collision or hit. Still, sports glasses offer more protection than standard frames and lenses.

5. Is there a difference between sports goggles and sports glasses?

There is a difference between sports glasses and goggles. Sports goggles are often larger with wraparound bands to secure the fit. Sports glasses often resemble regular glasses except with thicker frames, kind of like sunglasses. Whether you purchase glasses or goggles depends on the sport and your comfort or preference.

Woman Wearing sports glasses