Titmus safety glasses provide comfortable and dependable eye protection. This optical brand was founded in 1908 to manufacture lenses and began making eyeglasses and sunglasses frames by the 1950s. Honeywell now manufactures safety eyewear sold under this brand name in addition to Uvex safety glasses. Find out more about frame features across seven of the brand’s collections to make a more informed decision about your next pair of safety glasses.

A Guide To Titmus Safety Glasses Infographic

Nearly every pair of safety glasses made by this brand meet basic eye safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute. The ANSI Z87.1 standard is widely accepted for impact and other hazard protection

ANSI eyewear ratings correspond to the workplace eye safety standards set by the United States federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Most of the brand’s frames and lenses meet basic impact requirements. Eyewear that has detachable or integrated side shields or dust dams may meet ANSI Z87 standards for droplet, dust, fine dust, high impact or liquid splash protection.

Rx-able Collection

Many Titmus eyeglass frames can accommodate prescription lenses. Some High Rx frames are compatible with a wide range of prescriptions, including high-power prescriptions, while other styles specify a range of cylinder and sphere measurements.

One of the most popular prescription-ready styles are SW06 frames. These safety frames made of Trogamid nylon have no metal components for electrical consideration. The wraparound profile allows for a wide field of vision. A removable dust dam keeps out droplets, dust and liquid splashes. If you need extended lateral protection, consider SW06E frames.

Trendsetters Collection

Trendsetters Collection frames are made of either acetate or stainless steel. These ANSI Z87.1-rated safety glasses are more stylish than conventional goggles and resemble everyday eyeglasses.

Metal frames come with a variety of frame design and lens shape options. Wearers with square or angular face shapes may prefer rounded TR309S or TR310S frames. Check out double-bridge frames inspired by aviator glasses. Plastic frames in this collection come in square or rectangular shapes.

Titanium Collection

The Titanium Collection is named for the use of the material in frames with nickel-free plating. This eyewear is compatible with T-LOC side shields.

Consider the double-bridge EXT2 or EXT10 or any single-bridge style in this collection with oval-shaped or rectangular frames. Every pair of Titanium Collection glasses satisfy ANSI Z81.1 requirements.

Exclusive Collection

For a distinctive look, check out safety glasses in the Exclusive Collection. This range includes stainless steel frames that meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards and feature a proprietary High-Performance Lens Retention System. Every pair of Exclusive Collection frames is prescription-ready.

Some Exclusive Collection styles are compatible with T-LOC side shields, while other styles support patented flex shields or CS shields. browse or search to find a style in the size you need and your choice of frame colors.

Premier Collection

The Premier Collection offers wearers a choice of plastic or metal frames. The PC269 is a plastic frame with spring hinges that is compatible with T-LOC side shields and satisfies requirements for the ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety standard.

Metal frames in the Premier Collection such as the PC280 style come in two sizes and a choice of three colors. This eyewear satisfies ANSI Z87.1-2010 safety standards.

Baseline Collection

The Baseline Collection is an extensive line of frames that meet leading safety standards. Many of the styles in this series are made of metal. Take a closer look at single bridge styles such as FC706, FC707 and FC709 frames that are designed to ANSI Z87.1-2010 and EN166 eye safety standards.

While many Baseline frames have standard oval-shaped or rectangular shapes, this collection also includes BC101 and BC102A, which are double-bridged frames with an aviator profile. Eyewear in the Baseline Collection may be compatible with CS or T-LOC side shields.

Standard Collection

The Standard Collection of plastic frames features durable designs. Check out the classic styling of SC900 and SC901 double-bridge styles that offer a choice between CS75 or integrated side shields.

Other Standard Collection frames have low metal content for worksite safety. Some models come with removable dust shields or permanently attached cup side-shields.


All of these safety glasses are designed for lasting comfort and safety. Metal frames tend to have adjustable nose pieces, while plastic frames are contoured for comfortable wear.

The extent of vertical and lateral coverage a pair of frames provides determine the level of eye protection from impact hazards and optical radiation. Honeywell brands offer an extensive selection of frame materials and designs to protect your eyes and match your work style.

Make sure to choose the frame size that provides a comfortable and secure fit. If you plan to wear eyewear with side shields, cups or dams, factor in these features into frame measurements.


As many as 2,000 eye injuries occur on worksites in the U.S. every year. The use of appropriate eye protection makes it possible to avoid up to 90% of incidents.

Most of the safety glasses made by this brand provide at least basic impact protection. Some frames may also shield wearers’ eyes from other hazards such as dust, fine dust, droplets or splashes.
Choose from designs with visible safety features or safety glasses that look like standard spectacles. While safety frames are designed for durability, it is important to protect the lenses from getting scratched.

Polycarbonate lenses are commonly used in safety glasses because this material is shatter-resistant, but plastic lenses are prone to develop scratches. Prolong the life of any pair of safety glasses by storing eyewear in a case in between wear.

Prescription Safety Glasses


How can I order the right pair of Titmus safety glasses?

Browse our full selection of safety glasses by this brand and the related Uvex brand. Be sure to check the base curve, size and dimensional measurements of frames. If you need prescription safety glasses, make sure that any frames you consider can accommodate lenses with your prescription power or strength.

Which types of safety glasses frames are available?

Plastic and metal frames with shatter-resistant lenses are available across collections. Consider acetate frames in the Trendsetters Collection or durable Trogamid nylon frames from the SWRX Collection. Metal frames include stainless steel SWRX, Trendsetters and Exclusive Collection designs as well as titanium frames in the collection of the same name.

What are the most relevant eyewear safety ratings?

The ANSI Z87.1 eye safety standard is a universal standard that originated in the U.S. Some styles made by this brand also meet EN166 eye safety standards for the European Union. Make sure that the glasses you choose are rated to shield your eyes from relevant hazards.

How do the Titmus eyewear collections compare?

The Baseline and Standard collections provide basic safety eyewear that meets relevant standards for workplace, educational or recreational wear. Collections such as Exclusive, Premier and Titanium feature premium designs and materials. While many of these styles can accommodate prescription lenses, high RX wearers may prefer frames from the Rx-able Collection.

What are the most popular Titmus safety glasses?

Some of the most popular safety glasses by this brand are prescription-ready frames such as SW06 frames and the extended SW06E style from the Rx-able Collection. These nylon frames do not contain metal and are suitable for electrical consideration. Many wearers also appreciate the vintage style of SC901 aviator-inspired frames.